Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Most advanced ANPR system for moving vehicle at a speed up to 120 km/hr with 30+ country number plate database.

What ANPR system can do?

Our most advanced ANPR system can be integrated with a parking system, toll management, or traffic enforcement camera for detecting a bike, car, or any other type of vehicle having a number plate. Kotai's ANPR support up to 30+ country number database.

ANPR With any IP Camera

We provide an ANPR software system, which can convert any IP camera to an ANPR System without changing your camera, the only thing you need an IP camera and our software.

Our other solutions:

ATCC System

ATCC (Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier) For Toll management, survey company for traffic analysis.

Retail Store Analysis

Our Advance Computer vision system can real-time information about the product engagement information in a retail store.

ANPR Features

How can we help you?

Looking for an ANPR system for your country, We can help you to integrate with your application.