(Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier)

Most Advance ATCC in the world, with more than 95% accuracy as per NHAI standards.

ATCC For Traffic Survey and Toll Management

Kotai Electronics's ATCC(Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier) is powered by AI and Deep learning with all the latest hardware in the Indian market. Kotai Electronics's ATCC is NHAI compliant, ready to use for survey or toll authenticity verification purpose or automatic toll collection purpose. Classifies up to 15 categories and can be upgraded to more vehicle categories as per request.

Other Traffic Enforcement Solutions:

RLVD-Redlight Violation Detection India Kotai Electronics

Red Light Violation Detection

Kotai Electronic's Most advanced RLVD system can be installed on any traffic signal to detect if any rider is violating the traffic rule.

ANPR Systems

Our Advance ANPR camera can detect license plate of moving vehicles, supports up to 30+ countries number plates.