(Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier)

Most Advance ATCC in the world, with more than 95% accuracy as per NHAI standards.

ATCC For Traffic Survey and Toll Management

Kotai Electronics's ATCC(Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier) is powered by AI and Deep learning with all the latest hardware in the Indian market. Kotai Electronics's ATCC is NHAI compliant, ready to use for survey or toll authenticity verification purpose or automatic toll collection purpose. Classifies up to 15 categories and can be upgraded to more vehicle categories as per request.

Why Kotai Electronics's ATCC?

We are the one and only Indian manufacturer who claims more than 90% accuracy on our product with complete in house development. All our team has more than decades of experience in DPR making for NHAI and Software engineers with 20+ years of experience. 

Being an Indian Manufacture, Kotai ensures the lowest price and timely local support for all our customers, creating a better relationship. The product is tested across 10+ counties worldwide and tailor-made for specially Indian customers keeping budget in mind.

Kotai Electronics is the highest-selling ATCC company in India, trusted by more than 60+ companies across the globe.

Why Automatic Vehicle counter and Classifier?

When there is a lot of traffic flow happening on road, it is nearly impossible to count manually by a human being, so a video-based automatic vehicle counter is important. Advantages of Automatic Vehicle counter are: 

  • 1. Can Work 24/7 365 days without rest
  • 2. Can Work count more efficiently than human
  • 3. Can work in rainy scenaio
  • 4. Can generate automatic excel reports, to save human time

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