# Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

Traffic Counting Software

Most advanced video-based traffic or vehicle counting system in the world

Automatic Vehicle Counting Software

Most advanced vehicle counter and classifier system in the world

Kotai Electronics’s software is capable of using any traffic camera to an intelligent system which can detect vehicles of different category and count them. The system is designed for road survey purposes, which can run 365 days and 24/7 without any rest.

This ATCC is an IoT based smart traffic monitoring system using deep learning technology which can work in both days, night condition irrespective of any kind of weather condition.

This ATCC is a camera based vehicle counting and classification system which can use any normal CCTV camera to generate real-time report of traffic passing on the road with different types of vehicle category. Single Camera System can work on both up and down lanes on the highway.

Kotai’s ATCC is a video-based real-time adaptive vehicle-counting system that can work on urban roads. In a country like India, where Indian Government runs a project called PMGSY (Pradhan Mantri Gramya Sadak Yojana) for urban roads. The below video demonstration shows proof of vehicle counting system running on urban roards.

Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is working on the traffic analysis domain for more than 5+ years to make a robust traffic counting software system, which can work on the different camera angles, different lighting conditions for both Day and Night conditions.

Automatic vehicle counting system for traffic monitoring can be used in highway, Toll Plaza operation, Road DPR making purpose.

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