10 Advantages of IoT Remote Monitoring System

IoT remote monitoring

The first IoT came back in 1980 in the form of an ARPANET-powered coke machine, it came back partly after that in various forms but all of them got discontinued every now and then. However, the arrival of 4G LTE changed everything forever internet became more popular than ever Amazon and Google released their Assitant Devices and IoT became stronger and more popular than ever. It is expected that by the end of 2021, IoT will cross the 520 billion thresholds. One of the emerging fields of IoT is IoT remote monitoring systems.

IoT remote monitoring

In order to keep up with the global demand, influenced by e-Commerce, the production houses need to produce without stopping. An electrical or mechanical problem can cause a huge loss in revenue and the reputation of the plant, so production needs to be relentless. If You develop IoT remote monitoring solution it can help track their condition and the efficiency of their production to ensure maximum output in a reliable and cheapest way possible, More about that later.

Another user of IoT real-time monitoring systems is the huge residential complexes for providing security and more comfort to the residents, also to make the building more breathable joyful, and alive. Previously road safety and survey departments used to use monitoring devices but now the demand for IoT-enabled options is rising as they are more efficient and reliable. If you are wondering why IoT-enabled monitoring systems are on such a rise and how IoT-enabled remote monitoring solutions can help you this article is for you so let’s get started.

How exactly IoT Remote Monitoring System works

The IoT real-time monitoring system starts with collecting the data about the things you want to monitor it can be video, air quality, and even things like the power consumption that happen by the device itself, it can be anything. A top-of-the-line IoT remote monitoring system will use many sensors and actuators to work efficiently. The sensors will stay attached to the subjected machines and watch each movement in real time looking for any signs of faults.

For the second step, all the data captured in the previous collecting process gets stored in remote cloud servers. If you would like to compare those two datasets to see if everything is working fine. As faulty machinery would suggest different temperatures, different outputs, and rest periods.

In the third step the work of IoT is done, From here you can either access the data yourself and see whatever you want from any corner of the world. IoT also lets do changes and work your machines differently from remote.

IoT remote monitoring system

Benefits of IoT remote monitoring system In Production

Quickly Finding Any Issue In the Production Line

IoT Remote Monitoring

In a production line, Every person involved in it has his own set of responsibilities. From Line, operators to line maintenance crews, and production supervisors everyone works as a unit to perform certain tasks. Everyone here has their own role in the process therefore they have their own impact on the production. The optimum production quality and quantity need proper data availability.

If something is not normal or having an issue it requires quick action and attention. If real-time data is not available and the issues cant be addressed in a timely manner it can cause accidents and can cause stop production for weeks. The IoT real-time monitoring system makes information available for everyone, It also notifies with text or E-mail alerts specifying the cause of it, So the issue can be fixed in a timely manner.

Keeping Records Of Raw Materials & Accuracy

IoT Remote Monitoring System

The most amount of profit demands the proper use of all resources and raw materials. If the raw material runs out, the production house will fail to manufacture and accumulate revenue. The IoT remote monitoring system helps measure and record what material is being used and in what quantity. It also assures the constant availability of the raw material at the beginning of the production line.

Sure for the proper recording of all the data and using it in the right way you may prefer a group of individuals but the problem is they are not reliable enough they can do mistakes and the whole production line would suffer. IoT real-time monitoring solution comes to the rescue and does all the tasks without any issues. As it is real-time and creates projections of production and the use of resources, mistakes can be stopped from happening.

Predict what problem might occur

IoT remote monitoring solution

If the first reason for finding issues is not enough modern IoT remote monitoring devices are even capable of predicting what problem might occur. It basically records and analyzes mechanical aspects like temperature patterns, current flows, and vibrations. From here it finds out if something is out of place and also tracks down the reason for it. From the big data accumulated in the cloud, it sees what certain signs suggest what problem.

From here the authority can fix the issue even before it has caused any noticeable problem that might disrupt the production process. It also saves money from maintenance costs as here you don’t need to perform routine maintenance and you will do it only when it’s essential. Especially when most of the time routine maintenance doesn’t usually find out the potential issue that might happen.

IoT real-time monitoring system in Traffic Management

Decrease the deaths in Accidents

Thanks to the modern safety features of modern cars today most accidents are not lethal. However, If there is no one available afterward to take the accidental person to the hospital afterward, they often can’t avoid a slow and tragic death. It happens mostly in remote places where there are not many people available in the place where accidents happen.

An IoT monitoring system embedded in cars (if the state government makes it compulsory it’s even better) that recognizes sudden changes in speed and shock can help detect the accident. From here it can send notifications to that person’s house and the nearby other cars and nearby hospitals. Sure it can guarantee that the person will be saved but this way at least gives a chance of survival. An AI-powered camera that detects accidents as the traffic camera also can be proven a great idea.

It also prevents other cars from colliding with already accidents. As the notification will make them drive cautiously.in foggy winter nights. Colliding with standing cars is one of the common things of foggy winter nights.

Maintain free-flowing traffic

A well-circulated IoT network can track the accumulation of traffic in some places and control the traffic lights nearby to work in a way that the most amount of traffic is free-flowing. It can modify the speed limit of the roads and show that screens are spread across the roadsigns to ensure people get the least amount of red lights and the most amount of free-flowing traffic.

In close future, if it gets smart enough it can even divert the traffic in a way that it gets the least amount of traffic jams and conjunctions.

End Parking Problems

Parking has become an Achilles heel for modern drivers the town planning can be blamed for that, everyone knows a story where a car was parked on the road in such a way that it was causing traffic jams or a perfectly parked car that is hit by another car while trying to park. Most of the time people also fail to find a proper parking place.

So…?? What is the solution?

IoT remote monitoring system connected to the network can find parking places from nearby places and send them to the car drivers mobile app that they are looking for, from here they can book the space, it will show others as this place to others as occupied, this can itself create a sophisticated system that ends the parking problem while collecting revenue.

Remote health monitoring using IoT

iot remote monitoring in healthcare

As we have a long way into the realm of IoT monitoring systems, now it’s doing more than that. As we said before IoT lets take control of machines from faraway places. Obviously, medicine and healthcare will use it to save lives. It can monitor patients’ health and notify medical professionals if something needs to be checked on an early basis. IoT monitoring in healthcare also enables the availability of big data that can be used to deliver better treatments to people from the old data of how certain people had problems and how they were treated to get well. IoT can also be used to use to perform surgery from remote places. Here are the other ways IoT remote monitoring systems can help healthcare.


IoT lets you connect in real-time which enables the availability of remote care and medical practices. IoT also helps get the full potential of the shifts of each medical professional can be present at the places they need to be without wasting time. Automating the rescheduling of appointments can also be done in the quickest way possible. IoT monitoring systems can also be used to do seamless monitoring which saves time and gives more time to perform the treatment.


Healthcare Industries around the world have very few healthcare professionals, which means most doctors and nurses have tons of workload. So monitoring all patients all the time to see if anything is out of common is quite hard to execute. When something is wrong with patients medical professionals need to address them quickly. With all the IoT devices connected with monitoring them and observing them, it can quickly and accurately address patients who are in danger. IoT remote monitoring systems can also alert Doctors in a timely manner.


IoT remote monitoring systems are all protected with sophisticated network protection solutions so it offers high security in the network. Also being far away also helps doctors from diseases that spread quickly. As only the highly qualified can access those systems which ensure the safety of the patients.


IoT remote monitoring systems for patients store data in cloud servers and use a minimal amount of devices to do another job which makes it so much mobile. Now patients can stay at the home and give every detail to their subjective doctors easily. People today are preferring convenience more and more as we can already see the sudden rise of wearable fitness gadgets. This is the same thing on roids but with much more functionality. As here we are getting much more functionality people really fall in love with the idea of how IoT remote monitoring systems can help them in their healthcare journey.

Benefits of IoT Remote Monitoring Solution in Buildings

Ensuring safety and comfort

IoT Remote Monitoring

Smart sensors, Cameras, alert systems, and smart security equipment are indeed IoT devices but they are not the only ones IoT-enabled smart monitoring devices can also monitor energy consumption and water usage and ventilation (air quality) calculating weather station, etc. All these data are essential for the healthy lifestyle of the people living in the residential complex.

Even if mishaps like accidental fire or theft, motion detection Security systems and fire safety systems for anti-theft systems are also offered in the modern IoT remote monitoring solutions all these work together to ensure not only comfort but also the safety of the residents.

Ensuring Proper Usage of Shared Places

Large residencies often have public places like gyms and swimming pools. No one really likes it if it’s too crowded using IoT-enabled remote monitoring systems can show the other residents when the places are relatively empty and when to show up there to avoid the crowd. If you are the Residency Building Company, this can also be shown as a unique feature of your residency that will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

No Need For Routine Survey

Just like the IoT real-time monitoring system in the industrial IoT (IIOT) device the IoT remote monitoring solutions in the residential complexes as well have the ability. The remote monitoring devices self-survey themselves and notify if it requires any maintenance or checkups. From waterproofing to other maintenance, it can show all.


So, You just read the various ways IoT remote monitoring systems can help different sectors. From healthcare to manufacturing industries to traffic systems IoT can completely revolutionize each sector. It seems the science fiction era is not too far when every device tech we use will have its own thinking but we should obviously be careful while implementing this as IoT remote monitoring systems being relatively less used it might have some vulnerabilities that need to be consulted with cyber security experts. If you choose us that is completely up to you, we will already take care of it already.

Hope you like it. If you are interested in building your own IoT-powered remote monitoring system then you should connect to an experienced remote monitoring solution provider.

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