10 Top Factors of SEO for Small Business

10 Factors of SEO for Small Business

The main factors of SEO for small businesses that control your long-term success are speed, links, readability, and many other things here we have discussed in complete detail. You will also get a clear idea of what is SEO and how it works for small businesses and How to do SEO for small businesses. As a bonus, you will also get to know about its benefits and how to use SEO for business growth.

what is seo and how it works for small business

what is seo and how it works for small business

So, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization by now you probably know it already but what it actually is? Marketing is tough but that does not mean everything about it should be hard to understand however there is still confusion about many things one of them is SEO. let’s try to understand what is SEO and how it works for small businesses in the easiest way possible.

There are many answers to it, Keyword Research, SEM, Social Media, Copywriting, Link Building, UI/UX, Mobile Optimization everything that helps your business get better ROI and show you at top search results can be called SEO.

Think it like this way a search engine like google is a machine that helps to find the most relevant answer possible to the user, As all the things above help you come as the most relevant and knowledgeable possible. All of the things are considered SEO.

Though this was the formal answer to it. The question What is SEO ? would still be somewhat incomplete as depending upon your current circumstances some of the SEO types would be beneficial and the others would be expensive to handle which won’t be beneficial to you at all! , especially if you talk about how it works for small businesses it will be completely different from strategies from those who are established and have already huge funding in their name in the market.

does seo works for small business ?

Yes…absolutely there are several types of SEO based on your business type. As today most people search about things online it will be an amazing idea to be present at the top search results to grab the attention of potential customers.

As we are focusing on what type of SEO is optimal for small businesses, We will discuss how to do SEO for small businesses, and the marketing tactics you can use next for your small business

For small businesses, you can use

Content Marketing- Publish relevant trending and informational content about your Products and services that take you to a large group audience.

Social Media Marketing- Sharing interesting topics on social media that influence people to take any action like buying something, checking further, or share it even more (Like we saw the marketing campaign oy lays where everyone shared their own selfie and doing the marketing for free)

Link Building- How many high authority domains are supporting your statement can also influence your ranking on the webpage so it is another good SEO practice for small businesses as it gives you the initial push that helps your business grow quickly.

If you are still thinking does SEO work for small businesses or not we have several examples of that. Considering the fact that every business starts small we have examples of GymShark, Bang, Nykaa, MaMa Earth are few names that took advantage of influencer marketing and incorporated SEO and other digital marketing strategies to the campaign and grew to this large amount in no time.

What are the benefits of seo for small business

Well, you learned what is SEO and how it works for small businesses. Now let’s see what are its benefits, there are several benefits of SEO for small businesses but only if you know how to do it for properly for your small business. Let’s say if you manage to do so you will

  • Get more organic leads without spending extra money
  • SEO traffic getd more conversion what will lead to more profit
  • A business needs trust of the customers to get big and people trust organic result more
  • Easily to networking to the other business
  • SEO being a long term sterategy help spread brand awarenes for longer period of time

How you can use SEO for business growth ?

SEO and all-over digital marketing bring unlimited growth potential to a business. If you know how to do SEO for small businesses properly this business will not even take around two full years to grow into something you might never think of.

More profits will only come if you manage to bring more visitors, It’s even better when it comes to no extra cost. SEO is an organic way and long term way that will keep bringing visitors that are keener to get converted into customers, more so you can also use the extra money for Paid Campaign and PPC which will further improve your chance of growth

More than 70 % people ignore the Ads Snippets, It suggests though Ads bring customers it also filters you so many potential customers when they see you in the search results it brings you long term trust from there end which helps you achieve returning customers

Another aspect of SEO is having a great working website, This point is even more important if you have something like an E-Commerce website. Have you ever been looking into amazon without wanting to buy anything but then you liked something and ended up ordering it. This is what happens when you have a great website, People will like to spend time on the website and can get converted into customers.

Being on the top search result also improves your brand value and it shows you as an Industry Expert that will help you grab more attention for more next campaigns

So you read how you can leverage SEO for business growth, now let’s talk about what are the factors of SEO for small business that makes or breaks the SEO that makes or breaks the rankings

factors of seo for small business

factors of SEO for small business

There are several factors that control the SEO for small and large businesses all of them are decided by the algorithms of googling itself. So, what influences the algorithms you ask? NOONE really knows what influences the algorithms but we can check some correlations that influence the page rankings. Yes, correlation does not mean causation but these are the main factors of SEO for small businesses that will make it easier for you to rank. If you don’t know how to do SEO for small businesses like you you can take help from SEO agencies but make sure that website consists of the following.

Speed should be your first priority:

The times have long gone when you could get away with a website that took more than a minute to load. On April 9, 2010, google said site speed is one of their ranking priority that means a decade after that it is one of the most important deciding factors as most of the websites have already become lightning-fast, If yours isn’t enough fast to compete with it your visitors won’t take much time to go to your competitors with a faster website.

“But i have a more professional looking website with high-quality designs”, You said?

It does not matter!! If your website is slow you will lose the trust of your visitors they will think its created by some novice person and go right away to your competitors with a faster website that feels more professional than you. Researches show that more than 40 % of visitors leave if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load so in that case the slow website is the last thing needed.

Most of the time if you are using CMS like WordPress or Wix it will get slower for having extra widgets and plugins, for if you hire a web development service to make your custom website it will be lighter and faster will be easier to rank.

Links matters more than you think

Backlinks takes you to the first page then the other factors kick-in

Tim Soulo, CMO, Ahrefs

the number of links has a direct correlation to the ranking of the page, correlation doesn’t mean causation but if it can take to the first page you just can’t ignore it about 75 percent stick to the first page of the search results. So, you have to acquire high-quality backlinks from high authority sites to be able to rank well.

According to Neil Patel external links are also important, As if you to any authority site and notify them about it chances are they will be more than willing to mention you next time.

people often don’t prefer to link out to external sources but you need to understand that it helps you to rank better as google thinks you have supporting statements for what you have said in your blog. Just don’t forget in terms of links quality matters more than quantity.

Is your content readable enough ?

is written for visitors, not for search engines. It will help you be more appealing to the customers and will be easier to convert. It will also make them stay there on your website decreasing the bounce rate which will further increase your SEO ranking as it will show to the crawlers that your website has the potential to grab attention for a longer time period. here are few tips that can make your content readable

  • Use short paragraphs
  • use easier words
  • infographics helps a lot
  • have a easily readable URL

Track analytics

After deciding your SEO strategy, Connect that page to Google Search Consoles to keep tracking its analytics whether it is working or something needs to be changed. Don’t forget to trash the old pages that don’t bring traffic anymore even after days.

Mobile optimization

Almost 90 percent of people on the web use a mobile device if your website isn’t mobile responsive it will harm your SEO as people would bounce back to and no matter how good your content is they will go back which will by the time harm your long-term SEO. You should incorporate PWA if you are serious about your Mobile Optimization, it is highly recommended.

Do you know what is local seo ?

The first step to that will be to be present on Google maps using Google My Business. Include local search queries and keywords in your content and be present in the GMB profile to answer the search queries and collect the reviews from your customers. It will be even better if you are on a trip advisor and other local directories.


Incorporate engaging images and infographics and use Keywords as Alt text and Caption it will help you in SEO further. Google has provided an entire search result tab to images, with proper optimization using proper keywords and captions it will not only help the SEO rankings it will also bring a large amount of traffic from the search results also.

Technical SEO

Even if your content is great without proper technical SEO the search crawlers gonna think it is not good enough if your links are broken, slow, or not secure. If you do the following you will face no problem convincing the bots that you are worth the improved rankings

  • Submit sitemap to the google
  • trash the old pages that dont peform
  • Fix broken links
  • optimize the images properly
  • Optimize a diffrent meta description that includes keywords and descripes waht you have to offer

Website security matters too

If your website has a proper URL with SSL Certificate activated means it shows “HTTPS:// instead of a simple HTTP:// and the crawlers can easily see your page with the help of your Robot.txt file your website is safe and secure. You should also submit a sitemap to the console to help google. So it is another tip for how to do SEO for small businesses. A well-coded lite weight website provides superior security and is also faster than CMSs.

Domain Authotity

A study from Ahrefs has shown that the top 10 ranking pages have more than 60 DA and are at least 3 years old. Even if you have read all the tips of the article and taken the benefits of SEO for the small business that it has to offer but you would probably still suffer getting ranked on google as you would have to keep proving Google that you are worthy of getting and satisfying its visitors and your domain will stay here for a long time. Remember sometimes domain names matter for example if you put the keywords targeted in the article and put it in your domain google will penalize it for example: to sell treadmills don’t name your website something like “besttredmillfinder.com” name it something like “workouttech.com”. This is crucial to increase DA sometimes.


Hope you have understood what are the factors of SEO for small business that you help you in the long term success how to do SEO for small businesses for yourself and the benefits of it but don’t forget the secret sauce which is the high-quality content and try different things to the SEO strategy to find out what works for you.

If you are still a little confused go through this article one and you will be good to go

Have a great day..