Why Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI

10 Reasons Why Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI

Artificial Intelligence is most possibly the next big thing of our time. Some of the biggest players in the tech business are putting so many resources for research in the field of AI and Machine Learning. Results from all that efforts are already visible in areas like healthcare, automobile, and manufacturing. Previously AI was a thing of science fiction, now its presence in almost every other place where the repetitive task was required from self-driving cars to life-saving medical devices but why it is “now” when there is a sudden spurt and interest in AI lets talk about this here below.

Why Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI

Why Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI

These are the reasons behind Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI

Rise of The Internet Of Things

Though it was introduced in the 1980s, most people still don’t know what it is, even when they are already using it. Each day more and more devices are being connected to the internet and becoming smart devices. As sensors and actuators become cheaper to produce making smart devices today are easier to produce now than before. From cars to large industrial machinery each equipped with IoT capabilities is a great source of collecting data that can be processed with AI and algorithms to reach greater insights its a reason why there is a Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI.

Data Lakes

The data that is collected needs to be stored somewhere, it may not be completely protected where no one will be able to access this. Here comes the role of Data Lakes. Organizations realizing the benefits of storing and using data have kept data into data leaks. It’s a single place where data, from across the company can be effectively analyzed together. The availability of data lakes is another reason for sudden Spurt and Interest in AI.

Computational Infrastructure

All the data that were collected needed to be processed and the bigger the data the bigger computation power it would need. After that, it needs to be analyzed to get more accurate insights. Even though the computing power of a planet was already limited, we were not able to access that. In recent years, technological advancements had led us to the availability of computational power where we can run parallel heavy loads of tasks, it’s another reason behind the Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI.

Machine Learning Advancements

Times, when no one had heard of machine learning, is not way too back. Now, almost everyone has a rough idea of what exactly it is. It has made rapid growth in a little span of time. Today machine learning algorithms are so capable that they are beating humans in their own best fields like our ATCC is 10 times faster and more accurate. They can solve problems, play games, recognize faces, and even predict future events. Humans so visual creatures this is the reason why the future is moving towards videos. Machine Learning made AI capable of visualizing things its another reason behind the Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI.


There is a new technology that can create AI models automatically. Its called meta-learning, faster and more accurately. Most importantly it saves money from hiring expensive data scientists. Makes you able to build AI models faster and more accurately. This growing approach is key to enabling organizations across a wide spectrum of markets to invest more in AI with putting minimal resources and getting better results. It’s another reason behind the Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI.

AI is still in its growing phase

When some industries reach their peak time it meets its decline. It’s probably one of the scariest times for the professionals as in this time market reaches saturation where there is a large number of entry-level professionals available but not too many skilled ones. So at that time, people in the entry-level stage create sub-standard products that drop the allover value and profitability of the market.

Thankfully, this phase hasn’t arrived for AI YET. It’s one industry that still has a lot of open areas to be profitable its the reason why business owners are pushing AI into the market as the next big thing in the future. So people who want to develop AI systems for their businesses and those who are willing to career into it are showing so much interest in AI and the field is booming and there is a sudden spurt and interest in AI.

Why Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI

Implementing AI is quite tricky

If Implementing AI is actually this easy and beneficial, why why isn’t everyone already considering this, and why AI is still not being used everywhere?

Those reasons above might be the reason why AI is on hype right now, but only the production lines and businesses that are highly digitizing are the only ones who were capable to implement that into their systems. As we said before, in order to work properly, it requires a high amount of data to get trained and get the algorithms working. Not to mention all that expensive storage and processing power to important to analyze all that data. Properly handling the data still requires technically skilled men who are highly expensive to hire. This makes AI something only elites can get their hands on.

History approves that whenever something becomes so inaccessible that only some people can own it, It gets massive attention and interest from people. It’s another reason why there is a Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI.

External Influences

It is proven again and again that science fiction stories become inventions in the future. The first AI fiction came way back in the time of ancient Greek mythologies. It came into Hollywood around the 1880s. Since then people have been wondering how it would be like to live in a time when AI will become a thing of everyday life.

Only now it is almost the time when AI is actually possible. So all that Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI is caused by the sudden accessibility of such technologies.

Businesses Realizing AI saves money

Artificial Intelligence sounds so fancy and at the same time expensive, to some point implementing AI to some point is expensive. It was keeping authorities and businesses from investing in the idea of using AI systems in the place of a human being. However, it’s the time when government authorities and businesses are realizing AI is just a single time investment. In the long run, it’s cheaper to buy an AI system and collect the right amount of revenue instead of hiring someone. It made them invest in AI making interest In AI blooming.

Larger Investments

Big tech companies like FAANG have noticed the opportunities available through AI in the future market. It has successfully made them invest in the individual and startups in the field of AI. Which is making even more people either build a career or invest in some AI technologies. It’s the reason behind the Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI.

why we see Why Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI


There can be many reasons behind the rise and fall of industries. Sometimes they have hidden something they are not. As one of the leading providers of AI worldwide, we believe these are the main reasons behind the Sudden Spurt and Interest in AI. There can be many other reasons that partially affect the demand, but these are the main reasons. As people were lately trapped in their houses and realized how important it is on the place safely. So it eventually made all the things possible and triggered the sudden spurt and interest in AI.

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