17 + Greatest ever mobile App ideas for startup

The previous century and last two decades hold the evidence that when a product idea solved problems, it exponentially increase its userbase almost within a span of a year and made its inventor billions like we have “Ford” for example like it ended the horse carriages. Today though this idea may not be useful when you have too many cars but you can still solve problems to be wealthy.

This seems to look like an oversimplified when an entertainment app TikTok is one of the richest apps you can find but you have to understand that it’s still problem-solving like it’s solving the problem of boredom by giving you entertainment. Now when you are looking for app ideas that haven’t been made yet, you have to understand that it’s difficult to find a completely new app that solves a problem for which it will be rewarded especially when the technology market is super competitive in 2022, unlike the 90s.

It’s not a bad thing though if you can solve the same problem better than your competitors you will face ZERO problems getting profits. We have an example of Google it came after Yahoo but we know who is more widely used today, we have discussed the low competition startup apps ideas that you can start today to make money today.

If you still prefer a new idea we still have something for you, you should try focusing on a small sub-market from which you will be expanding. like Amazon used to sell books at first. You will also have to start from a sub-market. Firstly though you will have to find the problems you will solve. Who wants to do that? right? fortunately, we have done the research for you. We will discuss both new and already in work app ideas that you can implement to make profits. We have a comprehensive list The app ideas that you can actually build not fluff ideas to fill the list.

We have categorized the ideas according to your different requirements as it’s not everyone aims to invent an app or make an app idea that hasn’t been made. Taking the consideration that you all may not be here for the same reason we have categorized the list into startup apps ideas and app ideas to solve the problems of people for something give back to society but still, we have included app ideas that haven’t been built so that you can come back whenever you want to do that. So without wasting any more time let’s start.

App ideas that haven’t been made yet

This is the Steve Jobs level app idea that brought you here but remember he took a giant risk as he never knew whether people would take help from them or not. If you want to build them or something other you should make a known decision that your this idea may go bigger and bigger and have a huge userbase in future but at the same time, it comes with a chance of failure we want you to go into it knowing this fact. Let’s say you do get successful then you can even make the quote “The sky is the limit” come true.

Virtual room customization
apps ideas
startup apps ideas
 apps that haven't been made

It’s true that you can make your amazing room idea inside your head but you are the only one who will be able to see that. Sometimes you yourself get confused about how something like furniture would look inside your room or in a corner. For a confusing problem like this, you can make an easy solution like an AR app that can put 3d models in a virtual space using a camera or it can be used to change the wall colors and ceiling styles or even both. Bonus tip This can be attached with an eCommerce and an interior design company to make 2x profits from sales and services.

Customized video automation

There is plenty of video editing app but most of them give very basic video editing features like sliding adding text Cut-Paste etc. None of them have more advanced features like adding animation or anything using motion graphics. Even if it has some motion graphic templates for creating things like an animated logo or introit will soon be one of the greatest editors’ choice app on the app store or google play.

You can keep some items for free and others can be made available by paying a monthly or one-time fee. So this is the app that can be used both ways to get twice profits.

Giving remote access app

For our next item for the app ideas list this one is an amazing one, let’s say you have some urgent things to do and your phone’s battery is about to die what would you do? If only there was a way you could get to access the phone using another phone it would solve the problem. Why don’t you make an app that will let you do that? If both of the phones have it installed and it lets access files and apps of another phone, here you have the app ideas that haven’t been made.

Inventing an app for a quick income

The crowd goes crazy hearing this after hearing this it’s true that inventing an app for a quick income is almost programming students’ dream but quick income does not mean a week or a month. You will at least need 3-4 months to build and more than 6 months promoting your app Quick Tip do influencer marketing. Why? If you know Gary you may already know.

They are quick to build and easier to market as they are too visual-oriented but to be honest they don’t have too much earning potential.

DIY servicing app

Ever happened when you were on a journey in the middle of nowhere, your bike or car suddenly stopped or got a punctured tire? every one of us has been into that situation at least once in our life. What will happen if you are in the middle of nowhere? with no mechanics near? for that time you will need a DIY bike or car app but you have to remember it needs to be an OFFLINE available app right? when on a journey you may not have a good internet connection.

It needs to have a library of different downloadable models of cars and bikes and their most common problems like filter issue, sparkplug issue tire change, etc, and the apps need to have a detailed picture guide of all of it. Bonus Tip you already know what problems your users have, why don’t sell them this solution too ?? you can show them ads of the products that they might need for their vehicle and earn money from affiliate marketing.

Trial room AR

When people buy clothes in a store they get to check them in a trial room this option is not available while offline shopping. We have so many examples where people buy an item and when they receive it they realize it does not fit them or look awful on them no one likes to have that feeling right? Now here you can make an app where they will be able to upload them with a help of a friend using the camera of that mobile in the virtual space where they will be able to see themselves wearing the outfit and see the fit and the complete outlook. This app will be super useful and will soon be downloaded in numbers.

Fashion is one of the most huge markets today using this trial room app you also be able to sell clothes and you can even make your own fashion brand.

snap to shop app
startup apps ideas 
app ideas that haven't been made.

Imagine you are on a way to somewhere and see a fashion item whether it’s a dress, sunglasses, shirts, or other things anywhere. Like for example at a friend’s place or a banner or anywhere else, If an app can search that thing on eCommerce from an image of it will help will great for them, the eCommerce seller and you can be earning money from the affiliates from them.

Easy to built app ideas to solve problems of society

When we say app ideas to solve problems, it sounds a bit different especially when we said in the beginning that we have to solve any kind of problem to be successful. How is that part different? These ideas solve problems that

  • Solve minor but annoying problems
  • Something gives back to society
  • does not require to much investment to start
  • Easier to built

Sure the apps that solve everyday problems won’t make you a millionaire but probably help you understand the waters of the app development world.

Parking space finder app

app ideas that haven't been made yet

Ever gone to a place in a car where you could not find a parking place, This happens especially in the case of Historical places in the middle of some older cities. It not only feels awful but also it makes you worry about the safety of your car an app that will find nearby places safe for parking will be beneficial for them this can be another app idea you can build

This app can help people find an available parking spot in a specific location. The app can make use of GPS, webcams, location, and real-time parking data in order to find users a free parking space as soon as they want.

Return money app

While on a journey with your friends the worst thing that can happen is you forget who spent money for what and have an intense argument over everything after the journey destroying the “Happy Ending” feeling at last time.

It’s a problem right? what does a smart businessman do at that moment? sell the solution and make an app that records who spent money on what and how much money one owes the other. Evading the problem of possible arguments

Food donation app for restaurants

This type of apps will help charities and orphanages get food for people and restaurants will get to put their excess food to good use.

Tune Tracker App
app ideas that haven't been made yet

We have apps that can run a search on the internet and can show the song from the lyrics but sometimes the lyrics are not the thing people remember about a song its rhythm if you can make an app that finds a song from its rhythm or an app that finds a song from its copied rhythm. It will be helpful for those people who want to hear music and for those who want to check whether their music is copied or not. It is a great idea to implement as an app like this is still not made yet and has a huge functionality that everyone will be pleased to use.

Places Not To Visit App

We already have so many apps recommending places where you should go to visit but not a single app telling the places where you should not. Like for places like containment zones, where transport is unavailable, dangerous places or any place where people might face problems. Like for example even heavy traffic is should be visible here. Here goes another amazing app idea.

Origional item decetetor app

If you have ever brought an item and something of it, looks a bit off that made you feel suspicious about its authenticity. What do you do after that? you checked it on youtube and everyone told you about their opinion on whether that piece of item is original or not the problem is sometimes you find factors of checking items contradicting each other. What would you do now? it would have been far better if you had a place where you would have been able to check the authenticity markers that the brand itself suggest to check out for. An app that collects the authenticity checking markets would come in handy in this situation and it is another great app idea for today,

Mood Monitoring App
apps that haven't been made

Currently, people have started putting more and more importance into mental health. It’s a concerning thing that after covid the number of mental issues is increasing among young adults. An app that tracks physical health already exists but not a mental health monitoring app? no right? ever wondered why. Though we don’t know the reason yet we can tell you that you should make an app for that kind of situation especially when we have so many people with poor mental health.

This app will make you profitable and also be a great way to give something back to society. Saving something from what they were going through.

Startup apps idea

For startup apps ideas we will talk about apps that have so much potential and requires complex software and premium hardware and a team to handle it sure they can connect to many people together and give so much value to the world. Here is a catch though, executing this kind of idea is not a cakewalk though. You will require marketing and a proper brand tone and idea through which you will be selling your ideas for example we have taglines such as.

  1. “Just Do It” – Nike
  2. “Think Different” – Apple
  3. “Where’s the Beef?” – Wendy’s
  4. “Open Happiness” – Coca-Cola
  5. “Because You’re Worth It” – L’Oreal
  6. “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands” – M&Ms
  7. “A Diamond is Forever” – De Beers
  8. “The Breakfast of Champions” – Wheaties
  9. “America Runs on Dunkin'” – Dunkin’ Donuts
  10. “Can You Hear Me Now?” – Verizon Wireless
  11. more

Notice something here all of them say one single sentence but still tell you what value it will provide to you and their brand voice you will have to find a similar thing for your business.

Linkedin musicians

It’s like LinkedIn but for musicians, one of the biggest problems that musicians face is finding a group where they will be improvising their skills and network for more opportunities in the future. Whether it’s singing or playing any instruments here artists need to get a chance to show find a place where they will be able to kick start their career from or bands will be able to find members to increase their quality of works. Bonus tip if you want to bring a more user base to it it should have a feature where artists will be able to create their music playlist for people. That will increase their community and help them make their music career even bigger.

Tenant Finder

while in a new city people often find it hard to find rooms for rent on the other hand new people in renting business face hard time finding tenants solving the problem of those parties will be a great way to make business. It can be a Uber for rooms or long-term Airbnb. It will be better it facilitates a way of showing previous records of tenants that can prove the safety of renting them the piece of land. On the other hand, it needs to show the room conditions and a message box where people will be able to share the problems to ask a fixing request to the landowner.

Social media cum dating app for single parents

Many people get married in the world some of them do not end up well and results in divorce. Most of the time one of the partners feels devastated. They have a hard to finding a partner again given the situation where new people who have never been married do not want to go into a relationship with someone with kids. Even if they are not looking for someone some parenting tips always help. A social media or dating app for single parents can be a boon to them while you will be able to make profits from ads and from paid membership for some bonus features. Like tinder does but for single parents.

Make me fit app

May not everyone but most people want to look good and be fit but very few people can actually do that. As most of the motivation to be lean, healthy, and good looking at the back of their head in no time. An app that tracks your health, and recommends what meal you should have and in what quantity while showing a timer telling the time you have left to achieve your fitness goal is an amazing idea of inventing an app. For example, it needs to show some healthy foods for heart patients or recommend high protein food to skinny people. Another version of this app can be if it suggests exotic foods to people who like to explore new tastes and delicacies in new restaurants.

House keeping Service App

This app will help people find workers for things like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. On the other hand, it will help uneducated people get the correct wages for their labor.

Audio Based Social Media

Nowadays people are more and more into audio-based mediums like you can see the popularity of google podcast yourself. After videos audio-based platforms are coming back. Like for example look at the clubhouse, it is an audio-based social media app that bloomed its market exponentially in no time. The market still has some potential and if you can make it fast enough to reach the market in time with your app will gather users in no time.

App editor app

It will be more like an app developed for developers like GitHub. Not exactly like GitHub but like this, ever wondered why an app it requires editing will have to connect to a computer? not we are not talking about programming a full app for developing an app on a phone but an app that can access and update, change or modify some codes will be helpful.

Bonus tip You can also have paid version of it that will make some more options available. We kept this for the last as it will be the hardest to make but also be super useful.

There you go guys this app goes to both places a startup apps ideas list and app ideas that haven’t been made yet list.

Wrapping up

You just finished the “Greatest mobile App ideas for startups” we hope you liked it as we categorized them According to your requirements, whether its goes a startup apps ideas or inventing an app that is completely new. App ideas that haven’t been made category were so hard to research it would be great if you show your love to us and share it with those who are looking for app ideas to solve problems of people.