Reasons to build your own IoT Platform,

5 Reasons to build your own IoT Platform, No SaaS

Build your own IOT Platform

Here we will discuss why should you build your own IoT platform from reputed IoT platform development services instead of buying a SaaS. As it only looks cheap initially but consists of some hidden charges that can come out of nowhere. Why scaling is painful in this way, how SaaS and the IoT development services provide similar security, control-wise which is better, how both of them cost just the same and what is legacy lock-in, and why it’s important for your business.

Do you the time when SaaS costs more than private IoT platform development services?

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What is an IoT Platform?

An IoT platform is the middleware that connects end-user applications to embedded devices usually via the cloud. They also offer Data storage, Processing, Management, and Control.

Why you should have an IoT platform?

 Reasons to build your own IoT Platform

Better overall information-IoT connected devices are helping business-like manufacturing, aviation, the supply chain, agriculture, healthcare, etc, track their business operations, insights into their business, and information on how their customers use their products and services. Every business needs its pieces of information to perform better decisions making and This can help you gather and process information making your decision-making easy.

More profits-Often the insights can be used to reduce operational expenditure. Like for example in a construction Industry, The organization can build a 3D model of the plot in real-time and create a highly detailed virtual 3D model, which saves transportation cost or if there is a hidden faulty part of a construction that if comes out late, it will not only cause more money to repair it but it also can cause risk to human lives IoT can help find that out from an early 3D model saving money and lives. The saved capital from this can be used to further improve your business

Better Understanding-you know that Productivity and efficiency are the keys to maximise profit for your business. As IoT provides benefits like asset tracking or saving time on security checks it becomes useful for businesses to get a clear view of what’s actually going on instead of what they assume is going on this kind of insight will not only help your business save money or get security it will also help you understand your business longterm and short term.

Safety and Security-Using your own IoT platform will for your business will help you with security threats and safety precautions. Industries like healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, can be benefitted from this. For example, something like, wearable IoT devices for doctors with alert and monitoring systems that can provide accuracy or devices for construction workers that shows warnings to avoid certain areas. A business that

Scalability-IoT being capable to work for the total supply chain from research and design to manufacturing and logistics provides the ability of rapid expansion to your business by speeding up and evaluating a process in real-time it can even predict a mishap and stop it from happening. As every business wants to scale, with the help of this scalability will be exponential.

By now you have realized how IoT can help your business but here is a “catch”, To get the full potential you should hire genuine and reputed IoT platform development services to develop instead of buying a SaaS subscription. Why ?? you may ask!. We will talk about that soon but before that, we will talk about who uses an IoT platform.

Who uses the IoT platform?

Industries like manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas transportation, aviation, and mining have already made IoT mainstream for them. These are the industries that require heavy machinery to work sequentially, Any mistakes here can cause millions of dollars and even deaths, automation and IoT help here with optimum efficiency and performs jobs like management, maintenance, and control without any hassle.

Why you should build your own IoT platform instead of using SaaS?

while many people might suggest buying a SaaS over building an IoT yourself claiming it to be more cost-effective or less time-consuming etc, people often choose this to get into the high competition market ASAP. However, planning a long term strategy is often different, Here we will discuss why to build your own IoT platform from a reputed IoT development company in India and everywhere else

Yeah! it looks cheap but that does not mean it’s actually cheap like we saw in the “Lyft” case, Amazon will most certainly take its 8 million from them, as it uses AWS. Buying an IoT platform is only cheap compared to maintaining your own server at your own data centers in small cases.

Reasons to build your own IoT Platform

What people say

  1. It takes more time to built your own IoT platform so its not a good idea
  2. It takes more money so its a bad idea
  3. And, thats it. This list cant go any further than that.

What is the truth ?

Now let’s compare buying a Platform vs building your own IoT platform and find which is better while debunking myths.

The time and money it takes :

people often use ignorance to sell their products. This cant be more correct when people say building your own IoT platform will take 8 to 12 months and you will have to hire a team of developers to do that. The time it takes to build your own IoT platform depends completely upon your requirements.

The timespan above takes to create a HUGE organizational level system there are selectable options you can choose. Most of the time a simple IoT platform with a medium level of features is more than enough for small to medium companies. It takes about 3 months to build that. If we talk about money, there are IoT platform development that gives multiple features to choose from just like SaaS provides add-ones, while comparing both of them together most of the time they cost around the same. As there are some reputed companies available already that provide that premium quality service you will not have to hire a team of developers.


It comes to no surprise that it will be easier to scale if you built your own IoT platform as while buying it you may not be getting all as per your requirements and even if you do, you will have to pay more for an add-ones package with some extras that you don’t even require while building an IoT platform however you don’t have such limitations and you get to fully customize them.


We just can’t ignore that while scaling a pre-build platform cost increases linearly for connecting each new device to it when we talk about your own IoT platform while connecting new devices most of the time cost doesn’t go up with each connected device.

The lagacy lock-in :

Though the company claims it to be easily detachable and go anywhere, in reality, if you are once fixed you can’t change it without spending a lump sum amount of money or facing difficulties. There will be no changes without taking expensive updates whatsoever. So here it will be better to build your own IoT platform.

Freedom of controll:

If your field of business requires full freedom over the utilization of data and security IoT platform vendors cant provide that it is another reason to hire an IoT platform development services.

Then why people still dont prefer IoT platform devlopent services ?

People often think IoT platforms work on some complex process and are prone to dangers that can only be managed by huge corporations while the truth is it works on a simple mechanism and is always safe


While the argument still can’t be stopped about is it good to buy SaaS or to build your own IoT platform, unbiased and deep thinking can solve the argument on why it is good to hire a reputed IoT platform development services it not only beneficial monetarily but also for security and control if you are interested to build your own IoT platform don’t hesitate to ask for help from us

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