5+Smart Waste Management For The Smart Cities

smart waste management

Modern-day waste management is a complex and time taking process involving many stages, moreover, it also requires a significant amount of resources or taxpayers’ money to do everything properly. India spends about 200 Billion each year just for collecting and managing the waste every day. Still, it’s quite surprising that not even most of the developed countries started considering smart waste management systems for their respective areas.

The authorities around the world sure have tried various ways to improve waste management by improving the roads and dumpster vehicles but the trucks still need to be checked the dumpsters manually along the way. It may seem harmless but it takes more time and money for the fuel used in the way to check the bins and dumpsters on the road when they were not required to be emptied. One of the advantages of smart dustbin and smart waste management networks is that they can send information of whether the dumpster needed to be emptied or not.

For example, From thanksgiving to candle man’s day people around the USA produces the most amount of garbage. Some non-christian localities produce a similar amount of trash as the regular times. However, they produce more trash at the other time of the year. So, maintaining a schedule for emptying the dumpster is often unnecessary, especially when they are not even filled. It requires more fuel and more time to go and check the dumpsters in that neighborhood. The smart dustbin spread across the locality can send information to the garbage truck on whether they need emptying or not saving time and money.

Now let’s elaborate on that topic and discuss the other ways a network of IoT-based smart waste management can help you in other ways.

What is Smart Waste Management System?

It’s a network of connected sensors embedded into dumpsters, garbage trucks, and other trash management things that makes trash collection and management easier and efficient. The sensors and devices are generally IoT powered and they collect, process, and predict data to make the task more effective with time.

Ideal Smart Waste Management System Have

smart waste management system
  • Sensors to gather the information– It stays attached to the dustbin measuring and telling its fill level. A light, ultrasonic does this job. Sometimes GPS for telling the location of the dumpster.
  • the endpoints like cloud storage– The data sent from sensors get stored here.
  • a gateway through which it sends data– It sends the data from the sensor to the IoT platform
  • An IoT platform– Which will be The software based on, As the collected data from sensors stays in raw format It needs to be processed in an understandable format the IoT platform does this job.

advantages of smart dustbin

Smart Dustbins Can Reschedule Their Date

Garbage collecting is probably the most time taking part of waste management. In order to make the process more easy and efficient, the network of smart dustbin can predict the best route of collecting garbage by skipping the empty bin areas short which help to keep the process cheaper. As we said before in the introductory part but what if a singular bin is almost about to get filled in an area of almost empty bins?

The sensor attached to the bins can measure when they are about to get filled and send the data to the authorities so that the authorities can send the garbage collecting trucks even before the time.

Less Carbon Foot Print

This term is increasing more and more in terms of popularity the smart waste management is a thing that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Optimizing the routes for garbage collecting trucks will reduce fuel consumption, significantly decreasing carbon footprint. it makes the digital garbage management system much more eco-friendlier.

Trucks and also be smart

Smart connected weight machines can be installed in the containers of the garbage trucks it will keep telling the how much of the truck’s container is full. This data can be used to decide when to send the truck to the dumping ground and when it can be kept in the shed, further improving the fuel consumption.

Data Analysis, One of the best advantages of smart dustbins

It was previously quite hard to predict how much garbage will be produced after the span of 5 years, 10 years, or more the interconnected system of the smart waste management network records the filling speed of the bins in the span of 24 hours. The sensors sometimes also record how often they are being emptied. Where the bins get filled the most and the growth of garbage production.

It can be used to predict future waste generation and help plan future waste management. Other advantages of smart dustbins include being able to deploy the smart dustbins in the right place at the correct distance, Making sure the garbage is thrown is the correct place, and stopping people from littering here and there.

smart waste management system using IoT

making Sorting an Easier

The IoT-powered smart dustbins can categorize the solid waste whether it a glass, organic, or coming from electrical gadgets digital bins categorize and sort them out into different digital garbage containers. From here they can be used and recycled properly as they are most useful.

People mistakenly put different trash into different bins like old mobile phones into organic dustbins. When they get recycled without checking there will be problems as we see today like the presence of lithium and small plastic pieces in landfills its not only harmful for agriculture it’s also dangerous for the people around it.

The IoT waste management system categorizes the waste as they’re programmed to, and without error. What previously took the help of a number of human workers and still consisted chance of error IoT garbage management system can do automatically and quickly. It’s also beneficial for reclaiming rare materials like gold and palladium from electronics and using the material that is so much limited in the amount.

Reverse vending machines

It’s hard for people to collect garbage spread across here and there. No matter how much you spread awareness it’s not enough people need more than just care for the environment to keep their surroundings clean. The IoT E-waste kiosk for electronic garbage comes here to the rescue. That can distribute money for submitting old electronics into it the machine.

This often encourages people to collect trash from their surroundings and put them into the machines, it also comes cheaper as compared to sending vehicles and men to go and collect garbage from the given area but the problem is if the machines distribute physical money people often try to break into them, So the digital money transfer can help here.

Recycle for Coupon

If you are a tech-savvy person and have been putting some attention into the current trends, you must have realized the arrival of gamification. It’s the points you get for doing certain stuff or like, If you complete a series of tests and lessons you get points in some education apps. The concept is the same here but it gives coupons and rewards for each time you go a certain distance and collect the garbage and give it to the dustbins.

The smart garbage system can collect the information in GPS and the sensors in the dustbin and give the rewards in the app this way it will not only help to recycle easier and faster but also encourage broke teenagers.

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You just completed a list of advantages of a smart dustbin and how smart waste management can help the upcoming time of smart cities. If you are thinking they might be too much futuristic for our time but you might be surprised to know that many cities and suburbs have started implementing them on a large scale. Smart cities need to be sustainable and also healthier than the cities we have now. As of today, we are far ahead of the post-industrial cities the complete arrival of smart cities and IoT will most possibly bring the same advancements in the near future

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