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Advantage of Chatbot

In the 21st century, we are trying to build everything in a smart way. As a result, we have seen that a revolution has come in IT technology. One of the biggest milestones in IT technology is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).In this current scenario of the world, robots will be more effective than humans in the future. Already, most things are being automated by using AI and ML. Nowadays robot has more capability than human and robot works by using AI (Artificial Intelligence). By using the application of AI, many people lost their job-creating more tech jobs for IT Industry. This tutorial will give a fair idea about what is a chatbot is and what is advantages of a chatbot.

“Robots will be able to do everything better than us…I am not sure exactly what to do about this. This is really the scariest problem to me.”

– Elon Mask

In this pandemic time, we can see the applications of AI in our daily life. Are you thinking, where we use AI applications? Wait, just go through this blog, you can understand.

We use lots of AI applications in our daily life. In this blog, you will get a brief knowledge about one of the most common uses of AI (Artificial Intelligence)  When we need some help from Uber, Zomato, the banking sector, service providers (Samsung, Whirlpool, hotels, etc) like applications, then we use actually Virtually Chat Assistance. Now you are thinking, what is Virtual Chat Assistance or Chatbots? Am I right? You interact with the chatbot. In the next section, you will get a brief knowledge of Chabot’.

What is Chatbot?

The chatbot is a software application that is built up by using AI. The chatbot can answer a single question with a single line answer without using a customer service executive. By using the chatbot, any company connects with their client and answers their query within a second. It also helps to satisfy their customer. Most business owners are using this technology because it saves lots of costs and also it help to grow their business.

Types of Chatbot

There are 2 types of chatbots.

  1. Task oriented chatbot – Task oriented chatbot is most commonly used in business purpose. Example- Virtual Chat Assistance of many applications.
  2. Data driven and predictive chatbot– Do you want know about Data driven and predictive chatbot system?? You will be crazy after seeing the answer. Nowadays, many of us are using Alexa and Apple’s Siri. These two commonly used platform has been developed by AI.

Values of Chatbot

Advantage of chatbot
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Chatbots boost professional efficiency and cost savings for a company. It also helps to satisfy their customer in a professional way. Just take an example, you order some food from an online food delivery application and you get the wrong order. Then you have to complain about this wrong order. If you call their customer care number, due to limited human power, you have to wait for a long time. But, if you use the chat section, then you will get a reply and solution within few seconds. 

Chatbot Usecases:

  1. It will give service to customer 24×7 without any interruption. Chatbot will not be tires for a fraction of second also and it will give reply anytime continuously by obeying command. Where a customer care executive will be tired and always we are facing that customer care executive put our call on hold. If we use Chatbot, it will never happen. 
  2. Chatbots can handle customer very easily and it will get never rude to you. But sometimes, a customer care executive misbehaves with customer. For this reason, Company’s reputation will be down and company will lose their customer. For this reason, nowadays, most of the companies are using chatbot.
  3. In this pandemic scenario, each and every company wants to cut their cost and increases their business. So, Chatbot is the solution. By using this technology, company can reduce their cost and satisfy their client and grow their business very easily

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