Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

If the 70s was the Space era and the 90s for the Cybernetic the current era belongs to the AI. Though the term was invented way back in 1950 by John McCarthy, some of the real results could be found only after the 2000s. AI tries to simulate human reasoning with chips and Processors, hence the name Artificial Intelligence. So, why everyone is putting so much time and effort into it? Let me ask you one thing what is the advantage of having an extra-human who can do heavy tasks, all the time without stopping and most importantly without making errors. These are the exact advantages of artificial intelligence.

advantages of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be everything that runs on a computer and does the things that would take human intelligence to work. So why don’t we rely just on humans? The short answer would be as we said before it can do all heavy stuff without stopping, without mistakes without putting human life into danger, etc. It does not stop here benefits of AI are enormous in almost every field and in almost any professional sector we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence part in more detail. However, no matter how many disadvantages they have there are more advantages of artificial intelligence we will talk about that now in our discussion.

What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence

advantages of artificial intelligence

Terminate The Human Error

Ever wondered why the phrase “Human Error” is a thing, It was originated back in the Mid – 16 Century and never made its way out of English Dictionary, Its because it’s one of the common things, so much so that people have stopped putting more attention to it. In the modern-day, though these types of mistakes cannot be so easily shrugged off. Mistakes can today cost millions of dollars and even lives.

On the Other hand, one of the many benefits of AI is that they don’t make mistakes if their codes are working efficiently enough. Artificial Intelligence gathers information from previously done works, puts the knowledge through a set of algorithms, and executes the solutions. The result from current work is also stored and the efficiency is checked. So day by day it learns from mistakes just like tony stark and becomes more efficient until the error factor gets down to null.

Save Lives

This one is definitely one of the biggest advantages of artificial intelligence. No matter how advanced we get the curious primate brain can often put us in danger when we tried going to the moon or now when we are trying to go to the mars even exploring the deepest oceans, people put their lives into danger for the greater knowledge of mankind and to quench their adventurous soul. Some of the bravest of people on earth risk their lives to save someone else’s life either while defusing bombs or while saving people in burning houses. Artificial Intelligence comes here as a savior, it can do all of the risky for us without putting human lives on the line.

For example, an AI mining robot can be used to find, locate and dig out minerals like iron ore and coal from underground.

No Need For Rest Work 24/7

Humans can work for long hours but to do things properly we need breaks. We at least need 20-25% of their for breaks, we are evolutionarily wired to take a few breaks to refresh our minds and get ready for our next task, People can also have some personal issues because, well they are people. Overwork can also cause people to lose work-life balance, resulting in poor quality work and also cause mental and physical health issues. On the other hand benefits of AI is that it can work 24×7 without any breaks and they don’t even get bored, unlike humans.

An automatic traffic camera is an example of this it can work 24/7 error-free and most importantly without stopping.

Specilize in Repetative Jobs

No one, Literally No One enjoys repetitive jobs it causes boredom that can eventually cause accidents and injuries if the situation includes things like moving heavy things with Crain 100 ft above the ground. When it’s not that risky like, sending a mail or verifying documents or anything like that it is still boring which invites errors. Using AI can productively automate these mundane tasks and can even remove “boring” tasks for humans and push them to move towards more creative things. It is one of the huge advantages of artificial intelligence.

For example, Accounts management, Repetitive tasks at banks most of the time come with errors. Here implementing Cognitive AI makes things error-free and other things much faster.

Efficient Assistance

Have you visited a website where no matter what time you go a tiny chat head pops up some message asking your queries or collecting your requests and complaints? They are called the chatbots and what they do is called “Providing Digital Assistance”. Some of the medium to large companies do this and more advanced organizations take a much more advanced approach to interact with their users some of the modern Digital Assistants can also provide almost human-like interaction which saves human resources. The benefits of AI here are that it can also process and analyze what the complaints are and can also provide possible solutions sometimes even more efficiently than humans.

Faster And Unbiassed

This is singular, one of the best advantages of artificial intelligence is that it can it is faster much faster than humans. From making decisions to executing them it can process the data see results and act according to them, Much faster on top of that benefits of AI are that it does not get affected by emotions as humans do.

If you have played chess you would understand that and if you have played that in the highest difficulty you would definitely realize that how hard it is to fight against algorithms and AI.

Opening Door for Innovations

Previously AI was only used in Mobile and Web apps now, they are being used in IoT, healthcare, military, education, and many other fields it is expected that it will also be used in edge and quantum computing. Now Artificial Intelligence is being used for creating new technologies itself.

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Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

High Making Charges

Artificial Intelligence might automate repetitive works and save money in the long run but creating, testing, and overall development cost is higher. The changing times also demand new updates it also has its own costs. The hardware also needs to be updated to support the software. As the AI will run continuously the wear and tear will be more frequent so the maintenance cost will also be higher. So it is one of the first disadvantages of Artificial intelligence.

Making People Lazy

When AI does all the works, what people would do? all day? they can transfer for more creative works or they can turn lazy and stay seated on the couch all day long. Slowly getting dumber with time while getting addicted to AI basically, it puts the future generation at risk. It is one of the biggest disadvantages of artificial Intelligence and also probably one of the biggest threats.

Increased Unemployment

As AI is replacing the majority of the repetitive tasks and robots are doing the majority of tasks efficiently as we said before, What will the people do? Sure they can opt for more creative jobs but those who cannot get under the dark shadow of unemployment. As every large to the medium organization is replacing minimum qualified individuals with AI robots that can do similar work with more efficient industries like truckers, accounts management, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing getting an increased rate of unemployment.

Cold and Emotionless

Yes being unbiased and Emotionless is shown to be an advantage previously yet at the same time it’s also one of the disadvantages of artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that for hard skills that require little to no creativity no human can beat AI. The AI though inefficient with soft skills and human connection. This is what makes us humans build society and take society ahead. It is also what makes teams without this it’s hard to find great dedicated people.

No, Out of The Box Thinking

Currently, the AI that we have, cannot think of its own. They are trained based on certain environments and they work depending on certain situations so they cannot do what they are not programmed to. Anything out of that makes them crash and give irrelevant results, this is another disadvantage of artificial intelligence


These are some advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. You can ask any current AI user they will definitely say there are more advantages of Artificial Intelligence than disadvantages. As with every other invention of mankind but we must be the ones responsible for using its plus sides. Though we are still far from making any super AI it’s still possible. It has the potential to destroy humanity the key to stop that is also humans’ intelligence of using it cautiously. If AI happened to grab your attention and want to have one for yourself don’t forget to check our services page. Hope you like it.

Have a great day.