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All About ATCC

What is ATCC?

ATCC or Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier or sometimes knowns as Vehicle Counter(AVCC) is also a widely used product in the road survey industry to count the number of vehicles and types of vehicles passing on the road. The survey team uses ATCC to generate reports to the Transport department for construction or maintenance of roads. This tutorial will give a fair idea of all about ATCC.

How many types of ATCC are in the market?

There are two types of ATCC in the Market which is widely popular

  • Pneumatic Pressure Tube Based Traffic or Vehicle Counter(OLD Technology)
    • Two Pressure Tube placed in the road in parallel to each other, when vehicle passes on the tube, axle is count and based on the wheel and axle, we calculate the vehicle type and count them, here is a picture of traditional Pneumatic Pressure Tube based counter.
      • Advantage of pneumatic based ATCC they are very cheap and portable.
      • Disadvantage of pneumatic ATCC is tube is teared after some days of installation due to vehicles on top and accuracy is not that great due to different size of vehicle, Not easy to calibrate the system.
all about atcc Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier
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  • Camera Based Automatic Traffic Counter( New Technology)
    • This is morden age traffic counter developed using computer vision and Machine learning technology, where survey team place a CCTV camera on road side to record vehicles passing on road, and connected software will count , classify the vehicles into different category and at the end generate excel sheet report with respect to time stamp.
      • Advantages: System is having better accuracy, can count data in real time, or from old video footage, proof of counting can be generated.
      • Disadvantages: Expensive compare to the tube based vehicle / traffic counter. Computer skills required to operate, not great, when comes to portability, as because of cost and installation complexity.
(Functionality Diagram of Video-Based ATCC)

Where are atcc devices used?

Though ATCC(Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier) is used in many industries, but the following are few mostly used areas

  • Traffic Survey By Police Department’s
  • Traffic Survey By Transport departments for Audit Purpose
  • Survey Agency for creating “Detailed Project Report” (DPR) for roads
  • Audit Purpose in Toll plaza for cross checking of Toll Collection
  • Smart City Projects.

Automatic traffic counter and classifier or vehicle counter are certainly useful products for traffic survey consultants which can save a lot of manual efforts.