Why All You Need Is A Smart ALPR Parking Solution

Automatic License Plate Recognizer or ALPR also known as ANPR stays installed at the entrance/exit of your parking place reading and recognizing all the numbers of the license plates of the vehicles that are crossing the detection line per-set in the smart ALPR parking solution camera. After recording the data the ALRP records all the data in its ALRP database or server.

The data it stores can include all the data it is customised to do. The ALPR camera from Kotai Electronics is capable of detecting the numberplate, entry/exit time of the vehicles on the premises, speed, class or model also the direction of the vehicle approaching. Previously it was done by manual ticket creation but with the rise of A.I. and Machine Learning, we no longer need to perform everything ourselves instead we can use a smart ALPR parking solution.

Smart ALPR Parking Solution

What are The Benefits of the Smart ALPR Parking Solution

There are hundreds of reasons for opting for an automatic number plate recognizer but the main ones would definitely be the convenience, accuracy, saving money, time and human effort etc in order to make it easier for you to understand and visualize what we have given here some of the specific ways ALPR Parking solution can help. You can customize them according to your primary goal of parking management.

Automatic Barrier

Kotai Will help you install an AI pan ower CCTV camera that stays attached to the access points of your parking place. Whenever the object is shown in the camera the custom ANPR parking management system application reads its number, and colour speed and compares its model with the database about its models already pre-existing in the database to ensure what model of vehicle it is. From here it opens the barricade and notes the number when the vehicle entered. At the same time, it can also close the barricade when some vehicle with an unauthorized licence plate tries to enter the premises.


Acquiring data about vehicle numbers and other details helps you provide better security to your customer’s vehicles in the parking premises of your business by ensuring no unauthorized vehicle or person enters your premises and also checking if the vehicles that entered also exited safely.

Another serious problem happens of number plate theft of standing vehicles numberplate swapping is also common. It has been reported many times that when one vehicle has entered with one plate and returned with no or a different plate. All of these can be successfully avoided by implementing the ANPR parking management system. Also, the 24/4 streaming and monitoring also help to detect if anything is out of the ordinary.

ANPR parking management system

Parking Lot availability

ANPR for parking lot management solution is completely real-time and sends the number of vehicles that is present in the parking place. This was it shows how much place is left in the total parking area.

You can have an automatic system that regularly sends the list of all vehicles present, in real-time, in the parking area. This could be done by making a regular match between vehicles entering and exiting the car park, enabling extrapolating the data related to how many lots are still available.

Synchronize Payment with Timings

If you own a commercial parking place and you offer of parking place on a pay-per-hour basis or you have a limitation on how long a vehicle can stay in your parking premises, your best bang for the buck would be efficiently counting entry and exit timing of vehicles to precisely count how long it has been standing there.

An AI-powered APPR for parking management software here can automatically create a payment account for each vehicle that enters the area. The Backoffice System can regularly check the license plate recorded with the details about time and/or payment and take actions based on this information.

Customer Profiling

Once you have the details about the vehicles and the smart ALRP parking solution knows the location of the car in a certain place, the system can show the authority whether it needs to be shown it needs valet service or VIP parking or anything else and also getting other needed data are also can be gathered if we use Smart ALPR Parking Solution