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Smart TV App Development Services in India

Kotai Electronics is One of the leading Smart TV App Development Company in Kolkata, India. We have developed Smart TV apps for various platforms like Android TV, Amazon Prime, Tizen, Smart tv, and Roku. We offer services for Android Smart TV App Development for informational, graphical, or gallery-based applications.

The majority of modern TVs are driven by androids, which provides us the freedom to develop creative TV programs that make our televisions smarter and more interactive. The majority of media, information, educational, and instructional applications are now supported by Android TV, exactly like your Netflix or Amazon Prime

Benefits of Android Smart Tv

Benefit Of Android Smart TV.

Android TVs are easy to operate

Using an Android TV timer allows users to use an Android TV in a simplistic way because Android has become the most widely used smartphone operating system in the country. You will quickly find content because of its simple design, and it makes it simple to navigate between apps, stream videos, and change TV features.

You enjoy compatibility with other Android devices

Through apps, smart TVs can communicate with several other Android-powered devices. Due to all this amazing technology, anyone can easily connect their TV to any smartphone or tablet that they may own. Similarly, customers can access the installed Google to stream multimedia like images, music, and videos from some of the other devices to any TV.

Android TVs feature built-in Google Assistant

Anyone could ask Google Assistant for help and save time by avoiding the complicated task of looking across a long list of audio clips or Netflix programs. The data is available with only a few easy instructions. The Google Assistant would deal with the rest; all you need to do is say the name of the movie or TV show you’re looking for.

You get access to a wide range of apps

Information accessibility is one of Android TV’s great features. It gives you the ability to use all of the Android apps you’ve downloaded for your phone. You get immediate access to a variety of content from the Google Play Store, like your preferred gaming apps, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and YouTube. Additionally, every product’s apps are available to you.

How Does The Smart TV Work?

How Does The Smart TV Work?

Android TV is simple to operate and understand. Every time your TV or set-top box is turned on, you can view its home page or main page. Every row includes vertical lines along which users navigate from left to right. Users can find recommended information from useful apps that are used in the Modern Discover bar, located in the top section.

At the top of the system, you’ll see a search bar provided by Google Assistant. Android TV can accept voice recognition when you have the necessary features. Voice-activated queries are enabled all through the whole user interface by using remote controls with just an attached microphone. To start your search, simply click it.

Let’s go again to those same rows on the homepage. Some selected shows, mostly on the second row, include Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Showtime, and plenty of others. The Google Play Store, Music, Albums, Movies, TV Google Play, as well as other apps are shown in the vertical row above which you have downloaded or installed on your smartphone. Also noticeable is the vertical row of TV inputs, which contains HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. That makes it simple so that you can manage and modify inputs. Select these apps to search and get more information.

The very last row on that homepage is sometimes a specialized area where you can select to access settings, clocks, and user guides. When choosing the Settings option, you can access Chromecast, Bluetooth, and System Preferences as well as other smart TV configurations, such as Channel Setting, External Inputs, Display, Music, and Network and Devices menus.

Why hire us for Android and Smart TV app Development?

Kotai Electronics is a leading provider of Application Development, Application Testing, and mobile app development services. Our team of dedicated professionals and expert technicians is committed to helping you with your dream Smart Tv App. We specialize in creating, designing, developing, testing, and launching the world’s best smart apps that will keep your competitors talking for a long time. Our designers and developers work closely with you to understand your concept and requirements and create something that meets your expectations and delivers optimal results within the specified timeframe.

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How Does The Smart TV Work?

Smart TV

How Does The Smart TV Work?

Android Smart TV

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Why choose kotai?

10+ Years Of Experience

With more than 10 years of practical expertise, we can handle whatever challenges your project may present and still deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Super Fast Delivery​

We consider your time valuable and realize how critical it is for you to receive deliveries on time. As a result, we deliver your order to you without fail.


Reliability is our top priority because it will make you think of us for a long time and generate great business partnerships.

Fully Managed Team

There is full control over the projects thanks to the dedicated IT developer staff, which has team leads for each project and sub-leads for modules.

Dedicated Manager​

Each project has a dedicated project manager to ensure that the client experience is never affected and that project deadline are always fulfilled.

In-house QA Team​

A good team will guarantee that your ideal products have never been designed in a hurry and that each module was carefully created with dedication.

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Frequently asked questions

It depends on multiple factors. Our average charge is $25/ hour.

This all depends on how complex your application is; typically, streaming services like Netflix require a minimum of 3-6 months.

The Kotai Electronics team has extensive expertise in developing Android smart-tv apps with a backend server and API for your company.

If you work in the media, education, or advertising industry and already have an Android mobile app, you might wish to create a smart TV app from scratch or use your existing app to engage more users.

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