Beautiful real-time smart tv application Development Services Company In Kolkata, India

Android TV App development company in India
Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Smart TV App Development Services in India

Kotai electronics is one of the leading IT Software development companies in Kolkata, provide services in Android Smart TV APP Development for information, video, or gallery-based applications.

Most of TV nowadays are mostly powered by android, which gives us the flexibility to create innovative applications for TV, making our tv more smart and interactive. Most of the applications related to media, information, teaching, education, are nowadays supported by Android TV, just like your Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

Smart TV App Development Services in Kolkata, India.

Media applications on the tv like Netflix, amazon prime, etc are nowadays in trend. We have experience in building media streaming android smart tv applications.

As TV screen size and resolution are different than the mobile, directly Mobile Application are not fully supported on the android tv, So we have to specially design the smart tv application for Smart TV to support higher resolutions.

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If You are looking for building a smart tv application for media or infotainment systems, we can help you with large-scale smart android tv applications at a very affordable price. Contact us for a free quotation.
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