Why you can’t wait anymore to have your own smart tv app


After the arrival of OTT, platforms streaming is only accelerating in the world of entertainment leaving behind television and other offline means of entertainment. After the pandemic, a digital revolution has taken place, and soon streaming will become mainstream.

This is the reason why you need to develop apps for smart tv now before the market becomes competitive and harder to crack. In this article we will focus on the android tv app as it is the most famous OS, though there are multiple android tv app development services available in the market offering various features, the must-have once are suggested in the article below how to choose a correct company and the best technologies for smart tv app development is also given.

smart tv apps development service

Recently an OTT wave has come where every major entertainment brand has launched its own OTT platform starting from Netflix, Hulu to HBO, and BBC News. It helps those large corporations stay relevant and connect to their customers and know about their preferences, further improving their UX.

However, entrepreneurs often seem to lose track of their potential customers as every day newer brands are coming into the market. If you develop apps for smart tv it will help you stay relevant as this service hasn’t become as competitive as other platforms.

How it can help your business

Nowadays people are more and more into trying new apps having a new app will help you increase visibility and promote your products through the sales funnel. Having an android app for tv gives you a premium touch to your business that will give you an edge over your competitors by winning their trust. it will also help your customers with

  • Resolving their problems
  • Help them know about offers and discounts
  • give them a platform to directly connect with you
  • help them know what product they might need
  • help them self service their issues

if you manage to have all of that when your competitors are lacking behind you will dominate your market in no time.

What features your smart tv app should have

You can have the fanciest app for your business but if you don’t have certain features no one is gonna trust it and it will die out. sure it should be user-friendly good looking it should have a search button and all but there are certain which you must have like

smart tv app development services

It should be available on the app store and google play: IF your app is only available on your website you won’t be getting that initial trust as you would be competing against tech giants like Netflix and amazon prime to get that trust you must be available on the places they already trust. it will also be easier for you to market easily. In this way, you will be able to take help from google and apple instead of competing with them

it should have a smartphone connectivity option: Everyone is on their phone today smartphone connectivity will help you grab their attention more and be relevant.

A 4k enable Video and Music playing option: A streaming app today should have that as video quality are getting better each day soon everyone will be providing that and if you cant you will be losing your precious customers.

A notification system: Notification system for both your customers to tell them about their updates and for you telling you what your customers are doing.

Contact Me option: If the customers are not satisfied with you and they can’t connect to you they are gonna lost their trust and never come back to you. So it is another essential feature.

voice search options: Nearly 40 percent of all internet users in the US and a third of its total population are users of voice search today and it will keep increasing as Alexa and Google Home is increasing its popularity you just can’t ignore a feature that is useful.

Should have a recommendation system: It needs to have a recommendation system that will take your customers down the funnel and increase sales.

Share option is also a must-have: Word of mouth is one of the biggest channels of marketing if people like your content they will share it what can help you connect to more people

A rating system: If they don’t like the UI/UX any feature speed or anything they should be able to tell you so that you can solve that problem it also suggests that you care for them.

A video on demand system: any streaming app should have this so this isn’t so hard to imagine catering to your customers need should be your priority

E-Commerce System: lastly the most important one. You should have this to maximize your profit and to get most of the sales. Let it be anything from any product to any service to any merch if your people like that it should be easiest for them to purchase right away.

Things to consider before hiring android tv app development services
android tv app development services

Do your market research: every marketplace has its own demand if you are been into it for some time it won’t be hard for you but in today’s day and age when app development and demands are changing you still must do some research before doing anything.

If you are a newbie in business it will be even harder for you to understand markets demand so do your research to understand your target audience about what they have in mind, you would be able to know about your competitors and what they have. This will also help you understand different aspects like the best platform you need for your app, the problem your smart tv app will solve, the likelihood of your app being successful.

Choose the correct company for smart tv app development services: Though there are many app development companies, very few are skilled enough to develop apps for smart tv that are competent enough. You must hire a company with substantial experience in the field and has delivered effective products within your specific niche. just don’t forget, technical skills, experience level, pricing, deadlines, and most importantly their customer reviews.

Discuss what do you need in that smart tv app: Make a list of what you need in your smart tv app, check the previous part of the article for references. That will help you and the developers you hired for your smart tv app development. In this way, you won’t be calling the company to change certain things in your app.

what technology you are gonna use: You not only need to choose the correct stack of technologies that your developers might help you with you also need to choose the platforms for it, other options are available too. go through the list below for references

  • Samsung smart TV app development
  • Android TV app Development
  • Amazon Fire TV app development
  • LG Smart TV application development
  • Panasonic smart TV development of apps
  • Apple TV app development
  • Roku TV app development
Things to NOT FORGET
smart tv app development services
  • Check your app on real life devices before launching
  • your app should be properly optimized fitting in TVs as we as smartphones
  • Aspect Ratio should be on the point
  • Distances and angles should be proper

Hope you have understood why you need to develop apps for your smart tv to connect you to your customers and dominate the market As smart TVs are becoming popular smart tv apps for it will also be popular soon and you can’t be late for the market to become saturated. all you need to be is a little early and hire proper android app development services to do designing and implementing your idea of a smart tv app.