artificial intelligence companies in india

Top 15 Artificial Intelligence Companies in India       

Mostly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), many profitable artificial intelligence companies in India are setting a standard for cutting-edge developments and applications.

Because of its capacity to improve the consumer experience or operational plans, artificial intelligence development has increased in significance for both mobile apps and websites.

The capacity of artificial intelligence to analyze huge quantities of information and offer user-specific ideas is one of the major advantages of employing it to create mobile apps and websites. For instance, a shopping app may employ artificial intelligence to suggest things like price comparisons and browsing patterns based on the user’s past behavior.

List of Top Artificial Intelligence Companies In India

Here we discuss the top AI companies in India

1. The NineHertz

The development of AI had already been changing for several years thanks to NineHertz, a top business in India. The NineHertz offers split information systems that are tailored to the specific needs of people, businesses, and industries. NineHertz has a team of experienced AI engineers, programmers, and data analysts. Its committed AI specialists properly understand customer objectives and produce top-tier products that support customers’ growth in a competitive market.

artificial intelligence in india

Furthermore, The NineHertz offers complete expert support to ensure that existing AI efforts yield the highest rate of return, as well as online programs for anyone interested in learning more about used AI. The company is a model organization dedicated to opening the road for consumers to utilize AI and ML capabilities. It has extensive knowledge in developing effective methods and producing user-friendly applications.

2., a major developer of AI, has made a name for itself as one of the top AI companies in India. With help from its software product lines and unique AI-powered software design platform, any type of business can create software applications and still become an expert, and its exceptional level of product support guarantees that customers receive only the best outcomes.

Businesses could use to access AI tools that may automate a variety of operations, freeing up both resources and time for a new vision with broad scopes for development. offers strong tools to create project outcomes using tomorrow’s technological tools if you should be searching for specialized AI solutions or simply attempting to realize AI from an investing viewpoint.

3. Kotai Electronics Pvt. ltd

Kotai Electronics offers AI and ML technology solutions for a variety of businesses, including road and intelligent transport, operational environments, smart cities, etc., with a focus on computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, intelligent chatbot-based machine learning, and artificial applications are important to us.

An outstanding computer vision and machine learning business based in India, Kotai Electronics offers its services in AI & ML, image processing, object recognition, object counting, etc.

artificial intelligence  in India

Professional AI and ML programmers with expertise in the above technologies work at Kotai Electronics. Python, Open CV, Nvidia or Intel accelerated GPU programming, multi-threading applications, TensorFlow, and PyTorch are some of the tools used in computer vision. The team has developed computer vision systems for more than seven years. We also create embedded hardware-based computer vision and machine learning apps in addition to desktop software. One of India’s most potential AI/ML and computer vision development organizations, Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd., is based in Kolkata and offers services throughout India and the world.

If you would like any type of personalized machine learning application development for your business requirements, such as object counting, object recognition, motion detection, fire detection, incident detection, etc., our team is ready to assist you with a price estimate with a period and an average price that includes the leading technology stack for your implementation to measure through application software.


Zensar Technologies is one of the top artificial intelligence companies in India. Innovative AI is indeed the foundation of the company’s current business plan. The artificial intelligence-focused innovation and research division of Zensar AIR Labs had indeed filed 100 applications. Zensar declared the debut of an original dataset of systems across seven significant industries, such as talent supply chains, sales and marketing, information technology, and human resources.

artificial intelligence stocks in India

The Nifty IT Stock had a three-year profit of 15.63%, whereas the Nifty IT had a three-year profit of 106.55%. After earning a reputation for providing slicing services and technologies, the vendor additionally partners with companies to help them achieve their goals.

AI has achieved the ability to build a database in real-time for automated cars. In an attempt to avoid accidents with other vehicles, driverless automobiles could take advantage of navigation systems that help people understand their environment. It helps organizations achieve their objectives instead of simply giving them new technology and equipment. Investors who invested in Nifty IT saw a return of 106.55% over a three-year period.

5. Tata Elxsi

The world’s biggest supplier of artificial intelligence systems is Tata Elxsi. This 1989-founded company has implemented extensive expertise and experience that has resulted in growth revolutions for clients in a range of sectors. They offer a skilled staff of AI developers who work to build products that are suited to consumer requirements and make use of cutting-edge technologies, across industries ranging from automobiles and industry to telecoms and hospitality.

Tata Elxsi allows businesses to expand their product offerings to include technical solutions, marketing automation, and AI advice. Their comprehensive strategy enables firms attempting to keep up with such technological trends to enter current systems smoothly, from simplifying multiple tasks to automating selection procedures.

6. HCL Tech

artificial intelligence stocks in india

Technology leader HCL is getting attention mostly in the artificial intelligence industry. They believe in designing AI technologies for different projects and customizing AI solutions to support the particular requirements of their clients. HCL has been at the head of AI development since its inception, producing everything from massively complicated AI lessons to automated help desk employees. At each step of the process, its knowledgeable specialists offer help and direction, enabling the effective and productive implementation of any AI solution. HCL assists you in creating a system that is prepared for intelligent automation and plans for achieving it by utilizing reduced technology and active research and innovation.

7. Infosys

Machine learning in the core business is indeed a focus of Infosys, a top artificial intelligence consulting company in India. The organization, which was founded in 1981, has been actively assisting its customers’ companies’ growth by offering them state-of-the-art AI solutions. Infosys is the AI development company you require if your company is looking to pull in ML and AI technologies.

Its professional team of AI specialists collaborates to develop cutting-edge AI and ML services customized to every customer’s particular wants and objectives. Additionally, they offer consulting on AI and aid with AI-related issues to enable companies and organizations to realize the full power of artificial intelligence. Infosys can update the way your organization operates, whether it’s through creating brand-new AI techniques or applying ones that already exist!

8. Tech Mahindra

Through its dedicated and educated specialists, Tech Mahindra is one of the leading artificial intelligence companies in India, providing clients with specialized AI development services. They assist businesses in identifying current technical issues and offer strong solutions that optimize workflows and increase productivity.

top product based companies in india

Tech Mahindra also uses data scientist models to predict future trends, which helps organizations make data-based decisions for higher ROIs (Return on Investments). Through their IoT platform, they also ensure secured end-to-end connectivity across devices.

9. Persistent Systems Ltd

Persistent Systems Ltd. is a leading international provider platform for artificial intelligence companies in India. The company provides solid and dependable AI technologies across multiple business sectors thanks to its two centuries of invention and industrial experience. They provide a variety of cutting-edge services that are customized to achieve company goals, including automatic data processing, machine translation, language processing, automated robots, and more.

International brands are looking to Persistent Systems as their AI supplier for incorporating intelligent automation throughout existing processes to increase productivity. Persistent Systems has established guidelines for AI and machine learning with the delivery of millions of important projects throughout the years.

10. Bosch AI

The artificial intelligence department of the worldwide advanced manufacturing business Bosch is known as Bosch AI. For a variety of companies, including automobiles, household appliances, and industrial technology, Bosch AI concentrates on creating and providing cutting-edge AI applications.

Machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing (NLP) technologies are a few of Bosch’s core AI solutions. Those technologies were employed to develop cutting-edge items and services that enhance productivity, reliability, and security across multiple sectors.

Therefore, Bosch AI is a champion in the creation and application of AI technologies, improving outcomes and advancing a variety of businesses.

11. LTIMindtree

Professional artificial intelligence system services company LTIMindtree Ltd. is creating new opportunities and offering cutting-edge processes and technologies. To effectively meet the evolving requirements of organizations in the digital world, its software professionals constantly carry out research, create, and implement innovative uses of AI.

top product based companies in india

This industry’s team of experienced specialists utilizes cutting-edge systems to customize its solutions to each client’s unique demands and develops a type of software that aims to enhance functionality, lower costs, and optimize data.

LTIMindtree Ltd remains a trusted solutions provider for such development of cutting-edge AI solutions which are designed to benefit companies of all sizes including an honest framework and committed customer support.


Utilizing the connection between AI and automation, Saksoft helps users achieve significant changes with smart actions, higher productivity, a better customer experience, or an innovation strategy. By integrating automation with cutting-edge technologies like RPA, machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence, Saksoft simplifies technological change and uses the power of AI to resolve business issues. The Saksoft stocks had a three-year profit of 118.06%, whereas the Nifty IT offered 106.55 % to shareholders.

13. Oracle Financials

Capital Markets Database Oracle will help you incorporate AI into your business and IT operations. You could accelerate automation, reduce human error, and develop full market intelligence using Oracle cloud services, applications, and automated database management systems for everyone running on Oracle’s Generation 2 cloud. In the previous 16 years, just 2.35 % of sales periods experienced immediate increases of greater than 5%. Compared to the Nifty 100’s three-year record of 44.16 %, the stock produced -11.82 %.

14. Kellton Tech

A technological innovation and consulting organization situated in Hyderabad called Kellton Tech Solutions also has offices in both the US and Europe. This company currently employs approximately 1400 people and has a net profit of 7.39 billion rupees. With expertise in machine learning and deep learning, Kellton Tech develops cutting-edge, targeted AI solutions to problems that have previously required a significant amount of human intelligence. This company generated a three-year profit of 40.86%, whereas Nifty IT provided 106.55% to shareholders. With a share price of about Rs. 712.75 crores, Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd., a startup business company in the IT software industry, was established in 1993.

15. Happiest Minds

Very creative thinking Happiest Minds integrates new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality to assist enterprises in providing engaging customer experiences and outpacing their competitors. The authors of Happiest Minds anticipate and create the future generation of AI technologies that can understand, study, create, and make good decisions just like people. This organization beat its five-year record of 23.07% with an ROE of 29.62% for the period that ended on March 31, 2021. Having been established in 2011, Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd. is still a massive organization within the IT software industry with a global value of Rs 13,507.78 crore.


Some of the top developing artificial intelligence companies in India are under investigation and evaluation. All of the above businesses had established themselves in the software design industry by offering top-notch services for projection screens to everyone from modest beginnings to massive corporations employing cutting-edge AI technology and methods.

Those businesses keep in mind that their requirements remain higher than those of competing businesses, so they employ qualified engineers as well as experienced staff. Also, each business has a particular set of benefits that can be utilized by any client looking for the best artificial intelligence companies in India.