Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

ATCC(Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier) is a device used for road surveys to count and generate reports before any road construction or repairing starts.

This ATCC Equipment is Mostly used by survey companies or toll plazas even by traffic police departments for traffic congestion analysis purposes.


Kotai Electronics’s ATCC Which is called an Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier is powered by AI and Deep learning with all the latest hardware in the Indian market.

Kotai Electronics’s ATCC is NHAI compliant, ready to use for survey or toll authenticity verification purposes or automatic toll collection purposes. Classifies up to 10 categories and can be upgraded to more vehicle categories as per request.

Kotai’s ATCC is the most advanced automatic traffic counter equipment in India with the lowest price from all suppliers across India.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Traffic Counter Device we understand the importance of testing and continuously working on the improvement of the same.

automatic traffic counter and classifier kotai ATCC

Key Features

24×7 Ready

This Traffic Counter device can run 24/7 365 Days without any rest, just need a power supply backup.

Up to 4 Lanes

Our Traffic Counter system is trained up to 4 lanes detection using a single CCTV camera video.

Up & Down

One ATCC System can detect both up and down lane counting, in one single software at the same time.

Excel Reports

All ATCC reports are automated and exported to an excel sheet without any human interaction.

Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier