Product: ATCC (Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier).

Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier.

Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier(ATCC) is a device used for traffic volume counting surveys and classifying vehicles into different Vehicle categories and generating reports in an Excel sheet.

What is ATCC?

ATCC Equipment is Mostly used by survey companies or toll plazas even by traffic police departments for traffic congestion analysis purposes. Here is the list of places our ATCC is currently working in.

  • Traffic Survey By Police Department’s
  • Traffic Survey By Transport Departments for Audit Purposes
  • Survey Agency for creating “Detailed Project Report” (DPR) for roads
  • Audit Purpose in Toll plaza for cross-checking of Toll Collection
  • Smart City Projects.
infographic of Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

Kotai Electronics as a premium automatic traffic management solutions provider from Kolkata brings a Video-based Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier. It’s a standalone system that does not connect to other software and is completely capable alone.

vehicle categories Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier of Kotai Electronics
  1. Two Wheeler
  2. Three Wheeler/ Auto Rickshaw
  3. Car / Jeep / Van/Taxi
  4. Mini Bus
  5. Standard Bus
  6. 2-Axle Rigid Truck
  7. MAV Rigid Truck
  8. Articulated / Semi-Articulated Truck
  9. With Trailor
  10. Without Trailor
  11. Bullock Cart
  12. Horse Drawn
  13. LCV Freight
  14. Cycle
  15. Cycle Rickshaw
  16. 3-Axle Rigid Truck
Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier
Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier By Kotai Electronics

Why Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

In order to properly manage traffic manual efforts are just not enough, you need an automatic traffic counter classifier. While using a manual option where a person is counting and classifying the vehicles can have errors and the person also needs to rest, the automatic traffic counter equipment can monitor the real-time traffic flow of a road section, counts them, and classify them precisely, non-stop and in real-time.

Example of Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

What makes Kotai’s ATCC stand out?

It uses deep learning which makes it capable of true real-time action. Whether it’s counting, classifying, measuring volume, or calculating speed and direction it’s the most capable solution in the market. It also generates an automatic excel sheet in a custom tome window without the need for human interference.

automatic traffic counter and classifier in india

Key Features of ATCC:

  • Single-lens is capable of covering 4 lanes of the highway
  • Count and classify traffic 24×7
  • Using neural networks the automatic traffic counter and classifier get better with time
  • Endless customization options for every business need
  • Omnidirectional vehicle detection
  • True real-time detection
  • Effective under any condition
  • High Accuracy
  • Excel reports according to your needs
example of Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier in India

Global ATCC

After great success in India in difficult scenarios now Kotai Electronics is ready to serve global customers. Kotai Electronics now provides customized Automatic traffic counters and classifiers For global customers, especially in regions like the EU and USA According to their (vehicle classification ) requirements. It can provide 24*7 vehicle detection and count with an accuracy of over 90 % for both sides of lanes and is also capable of generating reports in an Excel sheet in intervals of 15 minutes. The following classes are categories Using the (EURO 6 classification definitions ).

Classes Used For EURO 6 Classification

  • Class 1: Motorbike
  • Class 2: Cars/Vans
  • Class 3: Cars/Vans + Trailer
  • Class 4: Rigid HGV
  • Class 5: Articulated HGV
  • Class 6: Buses and Coaches

Video Demo Of Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

Check our real-time video demo of the ATCC

Key reasons to choose Kotai Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier

Software Features

Kotai Electronics’s ATCC is powered by AI and Deep learning with all the latest hardware in the Indian market.


Kotai’s Automatic traffic counting System is the most advanced automatic traffic counter equipment in India with the lowest price.


Kotai also deals with portable and customized traffic management systems for your special requirement. If you need speed estimation or vehicle image capturing with images, we can additionally customize it for you.

Wide range of vehicles

Our ATCC is NHAI-compliant,
and ready to use for surveys or toll
authenticity verification purposes.
Our System Supports up to 10
Types of Vehicle Classifications.

High level of accuracy

Our deep learning-powered automatic traffic counter and classifier provide the highest accuracy in the market at 96.85% accuracy.

Easy to set and vast compatibility

We here at kotai Electronics understand the complexity which arrives when software meets the real world. So each of our solutions is vastly compatible with every screen and technology.

Years of experience

We have over a decade of experience building technologies under automatic traffic management solutions. This makes us capable of understanding what technologies a good automatic traffic counter should have.


automatic traffic counter durability

Our technology is built in India with most Indian components available keeping the real India in mind. We made it durable and strong to withstand harsh Indian weather.

Dedicated team

We have a dedicated team of engineers with 10 + years of experience in automatic traffic management solutions. Helping you with each need always.

Components of ATCC

High-spec ready-to-use industry-standard P.C. with the graphics card

Minimum 4 megapixels resolution sturdy camera.

AI-Powered ATCC Software Developed in C/C++

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ)

Kotai’s ATCC is designed and developed in India for the globe, keeping in mind Indian Road Congress(IRC) guidelines in mind.

Our ATCC Device supports up to 10 categories at this moment, if you need more or less we can customize it for you as per request.

Yes for toll plazas we give accuracy up to 98% guarantee so that you can use this ATCC without any issue for toll audit

Yes, the video-based Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier is 60% better than the traditional traffic counter sensor or tube-based traffic counter device.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us
and we will be with you shortly.