Portable Axle Weigh Pads

The axle load cell is mostly used for road surveys, used by civil survey companies, and consultants.

Axle Weigh Pad

Kotai Electronics is a manufacturer of both static and dynamic Portable axle weigh pads for axle load surveys. These weight measurement reports are highly required to design the road and to create detailed project reports.

Kotai Electronics’s Portable axle load measuring instrument is very lightweight, easy to carry, Battery Powered comes with a display to make the reading easy.


Kotai Electronics‘s weight pad equipment is just 20 mm in height which can be used to measure each axle of the truck individually by placing the wheel on top.

Our company is a manufacturer, supplier, and seller of world-class standard Portable Axle weigh pad or load cell. Out All Axle Load cells are durable, quality-tested, and very high-quality sensors, which. is designed by experienced engineers.

The device is made of cast iron which makes the system robust and water-resistant. Our Axle Lod Cell is battery powered,. can last up to 20+ hours, without interrupting your survey work. You can check our brochure for contact us using the bellow button for buying across pan India.

Top Features:

  • Latest Technology
  • No Civil Work Required
  • Completely Portable
  • Total Weight of single Weigh Pad: 26 kgs approx
  • Designed for Heavy Duty Trucks
  • New Digital Load Indicator (LCD DISPLAY)
  • Each Axle weight is shown separately and also total Axles weight shown
  • It’s protected from all types of moisture/rusting and can be used in any environmental condition.

What makes Kotai’s Portable Axle Weigh Pad or Load Cell more special?.

Kotai’s portable axle weigh pad is made out of cast iron and highly accurately tested using the various labs in the IIT of India.

What is the load capacity of the Axle Weigh Pad Equipment?

We have both 20ton, and 40-ton capacity Axle Weigh pads for different use cases in the road survey projects.

is the axle weigh pad really portable or does it need power to operate?

Yes, our axle load cell is battery-powered and doesn’t need power on the road, you can carry it, place it on the street anywhere and start taking readings of truck axles.

Truck Weighbridge Scale

We are going to make the most power full and smart Truck Weighbridge Scale

This Truck Weighbridge Scale shall be very use full for those who want to scale the weight of a truck accurately and for the road maintainer who what to identify an overloaded truck that can be harmful to all.

This Truck Weighbridge scale is made of concrete and steel so if you need to one-time investment for this project and some maintenance by year.

Key Features

Battery Powered

The Axle Weigh Pad is Battery Powered, which makes it truly portable.


This axle load cell is made. of cast iron, which is durable and long-lasting a life span of more than 5 years.

LCD Display

The weigh pad is having an LCD display which helps your take accurate reading of the weight.


The system is also water spillproof, to avoid any accidental rain or small water protection.

Portable Axle Weigh Pad For Axle Load Survey Buy In India
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