benefits of mobile apps for business that you can’t ignore

On average people spend almost 7 hours a day scrolling through the internet. The number is still growing given the fact that it was below 4 hours before 2019. Even though people are coming out of the pandemic this number is still going to increase as we are entering the new normal era when the internet is no longer the place you visit it’s rather the place where you live and then go back to the physical world. For a transition moment like this if you still haven’t thought about mobile app development you may have already been limiting your business potential and avoiding the advantage of apps.

Mobile apps in the current generation are no longer the luxury that only big brands could own it is necessary for every business person because every other reputed business owner already has an app and here if you don’t take the benefits of a mobile app someone else would and soon you might be losing your valuable customers.

Think it this, if Your business has been running well for soo long, one of the many reasons must be giving better services than the rest of your competitors, this was what made them gain their trust, right? People now search for businesses in their surroundings on their mobile devices and having a mobile app shows your credibility in the field and helps you gain their valuable trust. If you were relying solely on your old loyal customers, this may not be a great idea as the market is getting more and more competitive day by day, and without bringing in new customers you may end up left behind, to BRING the NEW CUSTOMERS there are many ways one of the most effective ones have to be having your android app. There are other benefits of mobile apps for businesses also some of them are.

Provide More Value to Your Customers

GIve value

Give value

Give Value

And then ask for business

Gary Vaynerchuck

The famous quote above from Gary Vaynerchuck can’t be any more true about business. Why do some thrive and become a market sensation and others die out without a trace? The answer is one of them provides more value to its customers and the other one fails to do so. Now, what is value ? “providing value means providing useful products, information, and services that customers consider worthy of their time, energy, and money.” If you are a small or medium-sized business and you can provide value people will any day choose you over your competitors, anyway, you can create value like this. Let’s say you own a cake shop and you sell cakes. You can add more value to your customers by doing this thing.

benefits of mobile apps for businesses

Giving them loyalty programs– It can be something like, The more items they buy or the more people they bring along with them to buy your cakes, the more rewards they can collect what later they can use to get better deals and offers. This is a technique many big brands use to bring more people and turn them into loyal customers. For example Indian cafe chain “Cafe Coffee Day” provides you “Beans” token every time you purchase anything from them, That can be used next time you purchase anything.

benefits of mobile apps for businesses
Screenshot from CCD official website 2021

Personalized offers-Personalized offer can be something like a Birthday Cake Offer or first-time visit discount or even something like a 3rd time in a month offer will work fine.

Baking Tips– If you publish some of your baking tips and tricks people will consider you as an industry expert and they will choose you over other competitors.

The following ways you will be able to provide more value to your customers, if you don’t have any of the programs already running you should start to consider providing them to your customers, to maximize your value addition that will be beneficial for your brand for the long run by making them your lifelong loyal customers. One of the benefits of an app is you will be able to do all of that easily. It will be easier for you to collect their data, track their likings and provide them value in the right order at right time. When you give them value like this and your customers see the values adding up to their discounts they will always come back to you.

Build a Stronger Brand

advantage of apps

Well, now you know the importance of value addition but it’s quite hard to do without having a rich brand experience. The advantage of apps is you get a more premium-looking and professional brand image by using them. A mobile app shows how serious you are about your business and is also works as your own personalized Bill-Board by showing your logo whenever they slide their screen, that increasing their trust level and your brand awareness.

Brand value is highly based on the trust of your customers in your business, it’s like the trusted reliability of Honda motorcycles or the rich taste of Coca-Cola, these huge brands grew big standing on the pillars of trust is built by years. Having an app increases people’s trust in you. This will be showing them what your brand stands for, with the help of an exciting brand image according to your brand vision. Your mobile app will help you with that.

It’s just like people in old days used to distribute fridge magnets, stickers, and other memorabilia that used to offer advertisement and assistance now mobile apps do those similar things like educating your customers increases your customers’ trust, and strengthening your brand image.

Connect With Your Customers Fast and Easy

advantage of apps

What is customer service? Customer service is the support you offer your customers — both before and after they buy and use your products or services — that helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you. Customer support is more than just providing answers; it’s an important part of the promise your brand makes to its customers

When talking about the benefits of mobile apps for businesses we must admit how easier it is to connect with your users while using an app. Customer service is not a small thing nor a thing you should take lightly. Especially when your customer satisfaction relies highly on it. Regardless, of what you are selling, your customers often need to reach out to you for their queries, feedback, and complaints.

Now, when there are over 2.6 billion mobile devices on the planet and its clear that people prefer to stay on their phone for longer it will be far easier for them to reach out to you whenever they like, It is one of the huge advantage of apps because the feedback you will be getting can be geared towards giving a better experience to your customers. Which will again help your business in the long run.

Have a Competitive Edge in Your Niche

advantage of apps

Being in IT Development and Digital Marketing industry for years we can tell you that the current market is super competitive and it’s based on a crowd that has ever-changing consumer behaviorism. There are many things that influence your customers to take action one of them is speed. Mobile apps give you all the speed you will need to generate more leads and get more conversions. It also helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Mobile apps have more competitive advantages because it offers a smoother and reliable interface, offline availability, and pushes notifications. All of them work together towards your marketing strategy fulfilling your business goals and offering a better business workflow.

Though you need to remember one thing here these days, having a mobile app will help you with a competitive edge but In some industries, you may need it to even keep up with the competition.

Better ROI from targeted recommendation

advantage of apps

One of the most important benefits of an app is that when people provide their vital information in an app while using it for the very first time. Crucial information like their age and location gets extremely useful while segment targeting. Now, what is segment targeting? you can do it like this.

After collecting the demographic of your users, you categorize your products according to them and give them a customized recommendation. This is called segment targeting. It helps you get better ROI.

User segmentation allows you to send personalized in-app messages, provide accurate user recommendations, and understand your average customer’s journey better by gathering their data.

Like for example, A 70+-year-old man may not need the latest iPhone the app will help them show what they might need similarly it will show a 20-year old that iPhone recommendations and personalized offers like birthday discounts, all of the ways will work. together to and give you better ROI.

How mobile apps help you get better ROI

Push- Notification-Mobile has a secret superpower its the push notification it provides a whopping 70% opt-in rate over E-mail marketing 5%

High click-through rate-Just like push notifications, Call To Action(CTA) and other related stuff gets higher click-through rates when it operates inside an app.

Lightning-fast response– Above all utilizing a mobile app helps you speed up every process because when using an app the user targeting system is so sophisticated and people get only what they are looking for, so they get engaged immediately.

Utilize Social Media Channels

benefits of mobile apps for a business

Attention is the currency of today, It is also the life force of tech giants like YouTube, Instagram, etc. If you can manage to get more attention you will get more engagement and eventually more business. It is hard to entertain so many customers from a physical store.

While on the other hand, the Advantage of apps. What is the best way to get free and best engagement? yes! It is social media. There is no other option better than this but to utilize Social Media at first you will need an app. After that, once you have started your campaigns and get people to download and sign-up for your app. Your social media sharing will go skyrocket.

Remember to add social share buttons in your app so that your users can share whenever they want to share anything you can also launch offers like Share to get points, sign-up your friends to get points, a unique reward system for completing challenges this will help your brand get more exposure, better engagement and more traffic, therefore, more business.

A Quick Note: If you are thinking about having an app but don’t know what app you should own here are ideas you can utilize.

Find Valuable Consumer Insights

benefits of mobile apps for a business

No matter what time it is your business has to be customer-centric to grow big. It is even more true now than a few years ago because people now have so many businesses to choose from. What does a business need to be more customer-centric? You will need to know what your customers NEED ? and what are their likes and dislikes. The advantage of apps is that you will get to collect reliable customer insights.

You will be amazed to know how much people are willing to share about their buying experience especially if you successfully gave them the value that they were looking for.

There are multiple tools like Firebase and UXCam which will provide you with all the insights you will require. The metric that is tracked to see insights are.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly users
  • Users’ demographics such as age, gender, device type, etc.
  • Downloads and uninstalls
  • Retention rates

These insights can be used for future decision making which will further improve your buyer’s journey and result in more profits. It’s one of the benefits of an app, here people themselves are telling you what they require from you it’s the insight ONLY you know it’s extremely beneficial because your competitors don’t have any idea of it, So it’s one clever way of getting an edge.

Have More Control

Advantages of mobile apps

The advantage of the app is that you get to control everything from your Brand Image, Brand voice, and how you run your business for example,

Brand Image: The brand image that you carry is shown through your app, from its logo to transition to all the animation everything can be maintained, updated, or changed by changing, updating, or tweaking the above things inside an app.

Scalability: When you don’t have too many users you can rely on a small hosting and you can gradually increase it with the growing popularity of your app, so this is how you can control the scalability of the app.

Customer Interaction: As we said before you can do segment targeting, Which also improves your customer engagement levels you can maintain and improve this by taking a personalized approach like, sending personalized messages and updated about your products and services.

Easy Transaction

This is a digital world in the future digital transactions will completely replace cash transactions, Sure digital payment can be done in your store but having an app definitely helps, When they can order a product and collect it without even coming into a store, this convenience makes them choose you over your competitors.


If you were looking for the benefits of mobile apps for businesses now you know all of them, these are the major benefits that you can expect. It has more minor benefits also but if you won’t take full advantage of apps you should consider an app ASAP as your competitors may already be thinking about having one for themselves. The benefits of an app that you will have for business may not be seen from the beginning because this app may not come out as perfect from the beginning. If you keep tracking the insights and gradually increase your UI/UX and offer better products the benefits of a mobile app will surely appear in your business.