Scalable API For Face Recognition

Kotai Electronics provides the world’s fastest face recognition API,

which can detect and find faces within 10ms of your search.

face recognition api
Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Face API that scales

Kotai Electronics provides a highly secure face-to-face API that is fast, and reliable with a 99% uptime guarantee.

We are one of the leading AI companies from India specializing in computer vision software provider, recently launched our face API after successful deployment in different parts of the world.

Integration of face recognition API with mobile app and web app

We have designed our application using the the API first approach, which is lightning fast, secure and reliable. Our API is flexible enough to be integrated with almost all kinds of systems like mobile apps, web apps, embedded devices, and CCTV cameras.

We also have a dedicated on-premises license that can run on local computers offline for faster communication and detection at high speed.

face recognition api
(Robust face recognition API )

New Product

Stable and Robust API

We are working on a new algorithm, we will be able to match the closest possible faces, even after you wear a mask or glasses. We will be launching soon.

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