Best IoT Development Platform

Best IoT Development Platform 2021

In this era, almost everyone has understood the importance of IoT(Internet of things). Rise of Smart Home, EVs (Electric Vehicles) tremendously helping IoT market in the world to create more and more business opportunities. In This article, we will help you to list down some of the Best IOT Development platforms from both hardware and software perspectives.

What is IoT(Internet of things)?

IoT is the technology that enables internet connectivity capabilities to any short of electronics, the electrical or electro-mechanical device in the world, for example, your washing machine. Previously washing machines are mostly electro-mechanical devices with few buttons and timers, but nowadays Smart Washing machines can send you alerts when cleaning finishes via the internet to your cellphone.

This enabling the smartness process of any device is knows the Internet of Things(IoT)

Why Does IoT Matters?

The answer is Data. The world is driven by data, the more data you have the more power full you are. Data can give you a lot of insight into your business, how users are behaving towards your product and what improvements can be done, all these can be analyzed from the data.

and IoT devices products a lot of data, which can further be processed to get a lot of insight into the business discussion-making process.

How does IoT System Work?

IoT Platform Architecture Best IoT Development Platform
(Typical High-Level IoT Architecture)

There are three major components of any IoT System at a high level.

IoT Devices/Sensor: These are connected devices that keep sending data to IoT Cloud Platform directly over wifi, cellular network or via an IoT Gateway. Two-way communication happens between IoT Devices and Platforms.

IoT Platform: This is the software system that runs mostly on the cloud some times on-premise server where various operation and data processing happen.

IoT Dashboard App or Mobile App: This is where most IoT Users interact for monitoring IoT devices or controlling IoT devices.

I hope this has given a brief idea about the IoT working principle at a high level. Now let’s understand are best IoT development Platform for both hardware and software available in the market.

Best IoT Development Platform

  • Hardware IoT Platforms
  • Software IoT Platforms

List of Best Hardware IoT Platform available in the market:

Raspberry PI:

Raspberry Pi IoT Development Platform Kotai Electronics

Raspberry PI is one Single Board Computer(SBC) powered by Linux capable of connecting sensors with its GPIO pins and send data to a cloud server over wifi or Lan port. It is obvious that you have to program the device in c or python to interface with sensors. Sometimes people are using this as IoT Gateway to collect data from devices and send aggregated data to cloud services.

ESP Wifi Controller:

NodeMCU Best IoT Development Platform Pinout

ESP Series Microcontroller is of revolutionized wifi chip, which was created in the IoT market in the last 10 years and still leading. This Chip is manufactured by a company name Espessif Systems. comes in form of various modules in the market, with gpio, programmer extensions.

There is much more development board available for IoT products, but these are the most commonly and widely used modules that can give your IoT application a quick start.

How Do I Choose Hardware Development Platform For IoT?

To Choose IoT devices we have to understand, what are functionality we need in our device, based on that we have to decide, how many periferials we have to choose in our chip or board. Also depends upon complexity of your code so that we can also takes care RAM , ROM and Processing Power Size before finalizing the Electronics development platform.

List of Best Software IoT Platform available in the market:

Google Cloud IoT:

IoT Development platform

Google cloud is a SAAS product that is provided by Google, a really robust and scalable platform for your smart devices. The advantage is google is a brand of trust and many service API offered by them which can easily be integrated with your application like location API, big query, etc. More details can be read here.

IBM Watson IoT:

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IBM offers full managed service on IoT platform development. They have most of the features like MQTT, rest API, custom visualization also a very good support team that takes care end to end development.

Custom IoT Platform:

If you are willing to develop an IoT platform completely custom for your dream product, we provide the complete range of development services, all in-house.

We hope this helped you to choose a better decision at a high level for your first step towards choosing the right development platform for IoT.