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What is ANPR Software?

ANPR Software Stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition System, which is a video analytics software used for capturing vehicle number plates using CCTV cameras and converting them into text for further analysis purposes using OCR techniques.

Kotai Electronics is a manufacturer and supplier of ANPR systems in India and also exports ANPR cameras and software to different countries like India, USA, UAE, UK, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

Kotai Electronics’ automatic number plate recognition system can be connected with any IP camera, not necessarily only an ANPR camera, and can read the license plate. It is mostly used for parking management, premises monitoring, and smart city ITMS projects.

(ANPR Solution Demo on Live Streaming Camera of Busy Indian Road)

The Unique Features Of Kotai’s ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Software & Camera.


The power of deep learning coupled with rigorous training has made our automatic vehicle registration recognition system achieve an accuracy of 98%

Super Fast Detection

Our experienced team of engineers has successfully and efficiently developed systems to efficiently use the processing power of the ANPR system without lags or sluggish performance.

Night Vision

An infrared camera being used for the ANPR system provides the ability to detect and recognize license plates clearly at night

Fully Customizable

The automatic number plate recognition system can be customized to recognize almost any language, number plate style, or regional language.

Long-Distance Visibility

Our ANPR system is capable of detecting and reading license plates from far away from the human eye and is capable of seeing and recognizing.


Our ANPR system is lightweight and easy to carry to any desired place; it can be easily fixed on a motorcycle helmet like an action camera in a vlogging setup

Brands That Trust Us

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Kotai Electronics is an Indian company that has designed ANPR software keeping in mind Indian congested traffic.

We are experts in building and customizing ANPR software solutions specific to a country like Bangladesh, ANPR software for the UK, or ANPR systems for the USA.

The ANPR system is also customizable on many dimensions, like language font, speed of the vehicle, lighting, angle of the camera, position of the camera, etc.

technologies for ANPR system

Highly Accurate Results every time

Fast results are one of our top priorities, but if they aren’t accurate, it isn’t helpful. To work as we claim, we train our AI vision application vigorously to provide the most correct possible result every time. With approximately 98% accuracy, our ANPR system optimizes results every time. As soon as the license gets in front of the camera, it records the number as a text-based file as well as in the image file of the license plate.

Automatic Number plate Recognition
Automatic Number plate Recognition

Long-distance visibility

Technologies are supposed to make our lives easier. When you use it to make things work in your business you would not want any more complexity while using it. We as one of the most experienced companies for Computer Vision made sure that you won’t need many devices to properly recognize and record the numbers of the vehicles.

For that, we made our ANPR camera more capable of reading and recognizing things from far away than a human eye can. It’s capable of recognizing numbers from a distance of 80 meters.

Super Fast Recognizion

You won’t like license plate recognition software that recognizes a number plate seconds after the vehicle has passed the required area. You would like the system to work as soon as the vehicle comes into to required area.

The real-time performance shows you how accurate the automatic vehicle registration recognition system is and also suggests the effective use of all the processing power without showing any sign of lags.

ANPR software
ANPR software


While most of the number plate recognition systems on the market are stationary, after being in the industry for years, most of our clients keep asking for a way they can make the system mobile. Quite normally, it was a huge task back in the day.

Now we have managed to make our ANPR system small enough to be set up into a helmet-like vlogging camera setup. From here, it can read and recognize the number plate while recording the roads and vehicles that are hanging from the helmet. Sure, you can have that traditional fixed camera, but the action cam option is still available.


Our ANPR system can be customized for any country’s number plate in a very short period. You just need to provide a few images of your country’s license plates. Connect to us now.

We can integrate our ANPR into any other existing software, like a community management system, smart city monitoring, or ATMS system for traffic violation detection.

license plate recognition with night vision

Night Vision

Vehicles are always on the road. When you are making the automatic number plate recognition system do its work all day, why not do that all night? unlike most the products in the market,

our license plate recognition solution is fully functional at night with the help of our rigorous training and the revolutionary night vision infrared camera makes our number plate recognition system see clearly on the darkest nights

ANPR Applications

Parking Management

Were your vehicles parked according to the rules at your actual location? Get notified as soon as an error happens. Please use our Parking Monitoring solution to learn how it operates.

Highway Monitoring

Plate Recognizer ANPR systems will monitor active schedules, detect missing cars, and more by continuously monitoring important locations! With our tracking software, you can gain new knowledge of traffic flow.

Private Property

Protect a close watch on whoever arrives and departs to maintain your property secure. Yes, visitors are welcome, but please be careful they are not parked overnight.


Monitor the number of different vehicles that pass through the drive-through of the cafe on a regular schedule. In the event of an emergency, quickly search for particular vehicles within a particular date and time.

Gas Stations

In most situations, the advantages that gas station operators get from using reliable ANPR software substantially justify the costs. Fast ANPR software is a must for any gas station owner’s camera protection structure, since it may help detect thieves and attackers in addition to providing correct customer information!

Toll Management

Grow income with effective toll management. When all tolls were charged in real time on license plate numbers without RFID chips, how quickly might traffic flow on toll roads? If drivers were to avoid the cash transaction procedures and RFID needed, then more people would use the fee-based roads.

More Reasons To Choose Us

Support English, URDU, and Bangla Number plates

Speed support from 0-120kmph

Supports every type of camera

Can be used for Parking management system

Can be customized for any country’s license plate database

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Kotai’s ANPR System is very small in size and can connect to almost any IP camera and can be customized as per your country’s license plate font style.

Our ANPR software is tested from 0-120km/hour. if you need more than that we are ready to take it as a challenge and customize it for you.

Our ANPR Accuracy carries between 75% to 99%, and applications like toll plazas need an accuracy of more than 95% whereas our ANPR Software does excel.

Work With Experts

Fully Managed Team

Dedicated IT Developer Team with team lead for each project and sub-leads for modules, so that complete control over the projects.

Dedicated Manager​

Dedicated project manager for each project so that project deadlines are never missed and customer experience never impacted.

In-house QA Team​

Quality team to ensure your product of dream never was designed in hurry, every single module is properly tested and crafted with passion.