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Click Here to Buy ATCC in India. ATCC Stands For Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier is vehicle counting software that is mostly used in the traffic survey industry and toll plazas for traffic counting purposes. Software is developed using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology to analyze CCTV video cameras and generate detailed reports in excel sheets with respect to time and different types of vehicle categories. If you are looking for an automatic traffic counter supplier in India, you are in right place. If you want to buy atcc in India, you are at the right place, let’s learn more about it before taking buying dicission.

Vehicle Counter Software Demo:

Sample ATCC Software Report Format:

ATCC software generates reports in excel format, here is a sample report in an excel sheet, where, we can see a different type of vehicle category, and their count information is updated in a new excel sheet row in every 15 min. If you see the vehicle counting report bellow, the counting started in midnight 12 AM and different category wise vehicle is logged in the excel sheet.

Buy ATCC In India Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier
ATCC Automatic Traffic counter output report format in excel

Why you should stop using manual counting?

Most of the New NHAI(National Highway Authority of India) and PMGSY(Pradhan Mantri Gramya Sadak Yojana) projects are now asked for ATCC uses, every report submitted to Government Department Engineer, should be counted by ATCC software.

Now as proof of counting, the government also asks the video recording during the counting using software, this is not possible during manual counting. The software runs on a single computer which is way cheaper than your manual resource. No need to deploy 24/7 human resources to do the counting.

Where to buy atcc in india (automatic traffic counter)?

We Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd. a leading manufacturer of ATCC(Automatic Traffic Counter and classifier) Software in India for the last 7 years and created an excellent stable system, which can run 24/7 without any break. The system is fully tested from survey and toll plaza using prospective, where nonstop vehicle counting needs to be done.

This vehicle counting software is fully automated, no manual intervention is required for operation. Installation of ATCC is very easy, it takes less than 10 min to install at any location.

If you want to take a demo or buy an Automatic traffic counter in India, or looking for an ATCC supplier, you can contact us using the below buttons.