Computer Vision Development Services

We are one of the leading computer vision companies in India that provide custom computer vision software

development in Face detection, Object detection, object tracking, and object counting.

Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Computer Vision development services

Kotai Electronics provides custom computer vision development services for various industries like Road and Transport, Public Safety, Industries, and Factory, etc.

We are Kotai Electronics have vast experience in designing complex visual or video analytics software for many customers and deployed live in various countries. Like Face Mask detection, vehicle counter, footfall analytics.

OpenCV Computer Vision Application Development

Kotai Electronics is a leading computer vision application development company from India, provides a wide range of computer vision application development. Most of the technology stack is around OpenCV with Nvidia and intel platforms. We also have the expertise of building cloud-based vision analytics applications like facial recognition, retina scanning application, object detection, etc.

If you are looking for any custom machine learning or computer vision app development services for your business requirement like medical equipment scanners, industrial inspection systems, smart city implementation, crowd analytics, foot fall analytics, etc, we can help you to build applications for your vision analytics with a lesser turn around time.

Computer vision development services in india
(Drone Inspection System using Computer Vision)

New Product

Aerial Visual Inspection using Drone

We have the expertise in building visual inspection and incident detection systems using Drones. The system has the capability of inspecting towers, buildings, vehicles, traffic congestion, mob or crowd gathering detection, accident detection, fire detection, etc.

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