Computer Vision Development Services

Kotai Electronics has more than 10-year experience in providing Computer Vision Development services in India. Our expert development team will help you build Face detection, Object detection, object tracking, and object counting as your requirement.

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Computer Vision development services

Kotai Electronics provides custom computer vision development services for various industries like Road and Transport, Public Safety, Industries, factories, etc.

We are Kotai Electronics have vast experience in designing complex visual or video analytics software for many customers and deployed live in various countries. Like Face Mask detection, vehicle counter, and footfall analytics.

We Have Proven Our Expertise In

object detection and counting

Object detection and counting

Kotai Electronics has an expert team for computer vision development services and have created custom object detection models by creating the fastest algorithm to object tracking. The most recent application is the Automatic Traffic counter and classifier.

incident detection

Incident Detection

We have vast experience in developing applications for incident detection like fire in wood or building, mob or crowd detection, with the cognitive search that is powered by AI to find incidents from video.

Manual lebelling

Manual Labelling

We also provide manual data labeling, Image labeling, and video labeling services if you have a huge data source. We will ensure your data is protected via a strong NDA and Trust that is between both organization

ocr application

OCR Application

Our computer vision development services also have Custom OCR applications like number plate recognition. They are working in many countries like Bangladesh, the UK, the USA, and Dubai all can be customized to their local languages.

image restoration

Image Restoration

We can help you build various image filter applications like Instagram, and TikTok filter-based applications, that are In in new trends in the market. Also, we have experience in building image restoration applications.

drone inspection

Drone Inspection

Our computer vision solutions have built a smart drone that can track objects, count, and do everything from arial view. If you want to go with the performance we recommend you go with a drone for video analysis operations.

Brands That Trust Us

Our Solutions

Object Detection

Whether it’s finding out if someone is wearing a helmet or mask, our computer vision development services have created special software that can do it all by itself. It coupled with our OCR application can read the number plate and send an automated challan to the owner of the vehicle.

Our custom computer vision development services offer you some of the most amazing features like speed detection at the best price in the market as add-ons.

Video Analysis For Surveillance

We use deep learning technology to train software to recognize vehicle number plates and check if the database weather it has all the valid documents to be on road. This can count vehicles for proper tax collection and also classify them according to their type.

The camera from our computer vision development services, recognizes 10+ categories of vehicle and read number plate from a 30-meter distance. Our video analysis software is tried and tested on helmet-mounted action cameras.

Object Detection For Redline Violation

We are one of the very few computer vision companies in India that have successfully developed a completely real-time redlight violation system which can also recognize vehicles coming from the wrong direction. Our solution provides an accuracy of over 98% and At night it offers accuracy of over 90 per cent. It’s tried and tested in monsoon also.

It’s working in many places in India hanging from places like traffic lights and railings of flyovers etc. We have provided solutions in many countries like UK, USA, Singapore and Dubai.

OCR For Document Verification

OCR stands for optical character recognition. Our custom computer vision development services have successfully created OCR powerd document verification software that provides 90% accuracy for documents like AADHAR, PAN, Licence and Passport. It can also be customized to add more types of docs to get recognized

Computer vision development services in india
(Drone Inspection System using Computer Vision)

New Product

Aerial Visual Inspection using Drone

We have the expertise in building visual inspection and incident detection systems using Drones. The system has the capability of inspecting towers, buildings, vehicles, traffic congestion, mob or crowd gathering detection, accident detection, fire detection, etc.

Incident Detection

The sheer number of vehicles and the age-old infrastructure for roads cause accidents to become the norm these days. If we depend on the local people and authorities the situation may get even worse. We are the first ever computer vision development company in India to develop solutions that can successfully detect small incidents to accidents of all kinds.

Accidents are not the only kind of incidents that can happen on the roads, road blockage, riots, mob movements and snatching are kind of common on empty roads. We really can’t blame anyone when we consider how vast the highway networks are. We rather solved the problem using Deep learning software. This can successfully detect violence and mob successfully 95% of the time.

computer vision accident detect
image restoration

Image Restoration

Most of the image restoration software in the market claims to be more than 90 per cent accurate however fails to deliver the required results and details most of the time. We as have developed special software that can easily remove stretches, drop marks and cramped marks easily within 30 seconds.

Our computer vision development services have developed software with deep learning using tensor flow and Keras that can take that image to its previous form.

OpenCV Computer Vision Application Development

Kotai Electronics is a leading computer vision application development company from India, providing a wide range of computer vision application development. Most of the technology stack is around OpenCV with Nvidia and intel platforms. We also have the expertise in building cloud-based vision analytics applications like facial recognition, retina scanning application, object detection, etc.

If you are looking for any custom machine learning or computer vision app development services for your business requirement like medical equipment scanners, industrial inspection systems, smart city implementation, crowd analytics, footfall analytics, etc, we can help you to build applications for your vision analytics with a lesser turn around time.

Why edge computer vision is better than the cloud?

For computer vision applications, huge processing and internet bandwidth is a very big factor, where edge servers can capture and process data faster than the cloud at less price.

Can I build a computer vision POC before the final product?

Yes, we encourage our clients to build POC before building the final product, because computer vision application needs continuous improvement over a period of time, so building Proof of Concept(POC) is important to analyze the business perspective.

Here Is The Tech Stack That We Use

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Software Development

Why should you hire us for Computer Vision Development Services?

Kotai Electronics having top-quality computer vision experts who can build your application from scratch as per your requirement, complete data collection to modeling and detection with very good accuracy.

On-time delivery

On-time Delivery

high customize

Highly Customizable

Highly Accurate

expert team

Expert Team

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Looking for custom computer vision application development services, we would suggest building a POC and seeing the quality of work that we can deliver within a short period of time.
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