Convert your website to PWA

Convert your website to PWA, why it is important?

Convert your website to PWA

Introduction: In today’s day and age when technology is evolving at its fastest pace than ever any business that wants to thrive should implement the most advanced medium it can afford to reach its customers, As the marketing world is evolving from website to mobile apps it will be a wise move for you to convert your website to PWA.

Now when not a lot of people have done that yet and it has vast untapped potential. Especially when Google itself has suggested that the mobile apps are growing in its popularity, last year its popularity increased to almost 20 % it won’t be hard to think that will happen again. Not only that, organizations have seen a 20 to 40 % increase in conversion rate in PWAs. This shows that it will not only help you get more traffic but also get more conversion and better overall business, it does have an optimistic future too considering the fact that googles topmost priority is convenience and a progressive web app gives better UX than a normal website.

What is a PWA?

PWA( Progressive Web Application) is a website that acts like a mobile app and it can be added to the home screen and it can send push notifications to the user and can get access to the hardware of the device and have limited use in offline mode.

What benefits does it have

Convert your website to PWA

Offline availability

It is known to all that websites go down without a proper internet connection. While most apps are dependent on the internet it still provides some support and usability. PWA offers similar benefits that increase engagement much more.

Smoother UI

Most of the people on the web use a mobile device instead of a desktop today, A PWA being designed for mobiles works surprisingly well, users get pleasing and clean UI and it still offers all usability of a website like the data shown in the PWA gets updated automatically, it gets access to its own database in the server and the best thing is it, unlike apps it gets ranked on a googles search engine that does increases organic traffic and exposure.

hardware access

Getting access to the devices of the user will help you know the location and their preferences so you would be able to target your ads better, moreover, you can send them a push notification sending them offers and updates that will increase your conversion even more.

No-play store submission

A PWA always has an edge over a normal mobile app, that is, you don’t need to submit it on the Playstore to get it downloaded. Users can directly download it from the website and get a little icon on the home screen. Though you can still publish that if you want but people often don’t want to go through the long and hectic process of getting approval from the Playstore moreover you can get hit by a policy update out of nowhere for an update that google took about its policies without taking anyone approval.

what about desktop users?

Just like the mobile apps, PWA works similarly on the desktop as a desktop application. The best part is it gets updated in the background and you don’t need to ask the user for it. it’s also light on memory and takes no time to get installed.

Just like any other technology Progressive Web Application was introduced to bring convenience to the user, As googles algorithms, the main focus is convenience to the user if you choose to change your present website to PWA, it will help you get more attention from Google and similarly, the convenience of the users will help you get more conversions and more trust from the users.

Why should you convert your website to PWA

Convert your website to PWA
  • Even when internet is not working properly it gets some usability that makes it more reliable over a website it gets more engagement and wins more trust from the users resulting better ROI.
  • PWA often has better UI/UX than most websites, it is also faster and more responsive, that lets users stay on the application more it further increasess your websites engagement resulting more conversions.
  • According to a Research done by Google, brands that use PWAs gets a spike in page views of around 134% and a fall in bounce rate of around 42% compared to mobile websites. If you convert your website to PWA you will witness these changes to.
  • Gartner predected that PWAs will replace 50% of mobile apps by the end of 2020. One year after that when the PWAs are still rising it will be a great move to convert existing website to PWA to take its benefits and stay future proof, as the future wll belong to the pwa and soon everyone will have one instead of a website.
  • Your cuctomers would be able to save and left what they want and get back to it without worrying about losing what they saved.
  • Get push notification about your new products and offers.
  • Give you their reviews and connect to you whenever they want.

If you want us to make or convert your website to PWA don’t hesitate to check our official website for consultation and support.

How you can convert a website to a PWA?

Convert your website to PWA

Convert to HTTPS

The first step to convert the website to PWA is changing your basic to HTTP to HTTPS here “S” stands for secure as service workers only work on the secure connection it is essential. To do that at first take all the backups and then get an SSL Certificate after that update all your links to HTTPS. Wondering what a service worker is? we will find it out in the next step.

Install network proxy file

One of the main benefits of getting an AWP is offline accessibility, to get that you must install the service workers. Service Workers are basically a technical term for javascript, a scriptable network proxy file that works between the host and the browser application. It helps the PWAs to stay available while offline.

It requires 3 steeps

Step 1-  Registration is revealing the location of the service worker to the browser for the installation

Step 2- The installation process is done when there is no original service worker already installed in the browser or if the service worker which is already installed needs an update.

Step 3- when all the pages of the PWA are closed, to prevent conflict between previous and updated versions, the activation process is done.

Install the JSON file

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation JSON is a lightweight format for storing and transporting data JSON is often used when data is sent from a server to a web page.

The data primary includes links, images, icons, app configuration data, app launch URL, default orientation, theme colour, description etc. when offline it shows the required information in the browser.

Test the PWA

Nothing can be complete without a test, So don’t forget to check every aspect of your newly formed AWP for example: Check if the Service Workers are registered in the developer tools, check if every page is loading and lastly check if the AWP is working offline or not.


In the ever-changing world of technology, as we said earlier it is best to get the latest medium to reach clients. As we can see the users prefer PWA over websites it is obvious that Googles Search Engine also prefers PWA over ordinary websites and google itself shows security warnings when users enter websites without SSL certificates. Soon each and every website will change into PWA and the ordinary websites will get lesser and lesser traffic. So it will be best for your business to convert your website to PWA if you need any help with that check our official site we will be pleased to help you.