Firmware Development Services

Kotai Electronics offers high-quality Firmware Development Services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across a variety of industries. Our team of experienced firmware developers has a proven track record of delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective firmware solutions.

Appoint Experienced Firmware Developers for Your Firmware Development Project.

At Kotai Electronics we understand that Firmware is a crucial component of any electronic device, and we take a systematic approach to deliver the best quality Firmware Development Services to our clients.

Our expert firmware developers can handle any firmware-related challenges, from creating firmware solutions for simple devices to complex ones, and can help you bring your product to the market quickly and efficiently.

Approach for Custom Firmware Development.

Custom Firmware Development typically involves the design, development, and implementation of software that is tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular hardware platform or electronic device. Here are some of the things that are included in our custom firmware development services:

Requirements Analysis

Our team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and design custom firmware solutions that meet your needs.

Architecture Design

We will design the firmware architecture and data structures, and determine the interfaces and communication protocols between the software and hardware components.

Firmware Development

Our team will develop the firmware code using the Embedded C, Java, and Python languages and development tools. We will also perform rigorous testing and debugging to ensure that the software meets the required performance and quality standards.

Hardware Integration

We will integrate the firmware with the hardware components of the device, including sensors, motors, and other peripherals.

User Interface Design

We can develop a user interface for the device, including graphical interfaces, displays, and touchscreens.

Quality Assurance

We will perform comprehensive testing and validation of the firmware, using various testing methodologies to ensure that it meets the required performance, reliability, and safety standards.

Brands That Trust Us

We Have Award Winning Expertise In

Boot Loaders
custom firmware development boot loaders

We provide a custom boot loader as one of our firmware development services which supports multiple  hardware architectures and operating systems without any issue

ROS Development
embedded firmware design and development

ROS is an open-source operating system that is used in robots our firmware development services build it as a great collection of a robotic software framework that can be constructed quickly deployed and maintain

Embedded Firmware Development
embedded firmware development

We provide embedded firmware development, including low and high-level firmware and subsystems to power embedded systems.

DSP Solution
firmware development services in India

We combine DSP solutions with Machine Learning algorithms locally or with the help of the cloud to do things like recognize objects in video, remove noise from audio files, etc.

Legacy Firmware To New Platform Migration
firmware development companies

As one of the most experienced firmware development companies, we know how to perfectly migrate your firmware from one MCU vendor to another

Non-OS Embedded Firmware
IoT firmware development and non OS embede firmware development

When an embedded device needs to run something forever, We help you make an embedded C application without an OS. The non-OS runs a set of tasks in an infinite loop.

Firmware development companies in india

These Are The Technologies That We Use as our M2M interface

Here are the technologies we use for our M2M interface for most of our firmware development and IoT firmware development.

If your requirements need any other protocol we offer that too.

firmware development services in Kolkata india

These are the development platform we offer

The decade that we spent in the industry taught us to face all the challenges that a custom firmware development process can bring.

Most of our client’s requirements could be fulfilled using Raspberry PI, Jetson Nano or Pandas but we are open to bringing new technologies for you.

More Reasons To Choose Us

10+ Years Of Experience

10+ years of hands on experience helps us tackle all that your project might bring to our table and give you result beyond your expectation.

Super Fast Delivery​

We respect your time understand how important being on time is for you, Respecting your time we deliver your product to you 100% on time


Quality is our first priority as this will keep your solution nail every situation and you remember us for long and form good business relation

Fully Managed Team

Dedicated IT Developer Team with team lead for each project and sub-leads for modules, so that complete control over the projects.

Dedicated Manager​

Dedicated project manager for each project so that project deadlines are never missed and customer experience never impacted.

In-house QA Team​

Quality team to ensure your product of dream never was designed in hurry, every single module is properly tested and crafted with passion.

Speed up all processes!

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