How IoT Implementation Can Be Cost Effective

IoT may seem like a mesh of many different tiny technologies that won’t be that much costly in the beginning but not being able to optimize everything properly can make the implementation cross the budget limit. As one of the leading IoT development companies, it’s our tiny approach to keep our readers saving money as much as they can.

IoT implementation cost optimization

As you may already know IoT implementation is a complex task to perform but actually, it’s even more than you think it can be, by no means do we want to demotivate you but you should keep in mind that the complexity comes from many directions as the complexity is from multiple dimensional. For example, balancing the cost and value of the product while keeping the ROI part in mind.

Also in the developing phase of that application, it’s quite hard to effectively manage the main components of IoT like the hardware part, the network layer, and the software. It’s probably the most important part of IoT development as the development phase of some applications can make or break the chance of success of your product. Here are the ways you can use to optimize the cost of your IoT application.

Hardware Cost

IoT implementation cost cut

Hardware design and development is one of the first and very crucial parts of the entire IoT implementation as IoT is not really an IoT if It does not consist of the “Thing” of IoT. It’s also very expensive and time-consuming. The process goes through many filtration processes where prototypes are built, chipsets are selected, circuit designs are chosen and at last certifications and licenses are put together before making the final product inside the final packaging. After the constant testing starts. Sometimes even after testing several times, faults can only be found after the launch of the IoT device is also true for software.

It often gets costly to do all of that repeatedly. So what are the solutions? In order to avoid expensive hardware iterations, it is suggested to check it under virtual simulators to check how the certain device is working. It saves not only money but also time. We here at Kotai provide all fully tried and tested IoT hardware as we have already done that for you and for the customer option we can organize the simulation for you. It also helps you predict what are the challenges you may face in the future.

Software Cost

IoT implementation cost cutting

As we said before the software part of the IoT device consists of 3 parts in total it’s also true for the software portion of the IoT. They go like

  • The backend embeded edge computing software
  • Middle ware server side software
  • An Application software

However, in the IoT implementation software can often cost even more than the hardware. We do understand that you want your IoT application to be completely yours and fully customized but this does not mean it has to build from scratch. If you want to save money here you can use what we call is an IoT platform.

It not only saves time but also money required for developing from scratch what can be used for marketing. As you know marketing is everything nowadays that fuels the engine of a brand which is sales. You have to have a huge budget for marketing, so choosing an IoT platform over a built from scratch is a better option.

Here at Kotai Electronics, we bring everything together about your IoT implementation to help you optimize the cost for your IoT implementation while at the same time bringing you all the functionality you need in your IoT device for achieving your goal whether its building a dashboard or supporting a cloud platform, or creating the solution and marketing we have got you covered from each aspect.

Optimize Cost From Communications

IoT implementation

The protocol on which that IoT will work will determine how much cost you would have to bear. It will also determine the payload of the data, the frequency of transferring, and connection strength which also determines what kind of environment it would work in. While IoT implementation All this together will determine the cost of your IoT solution altogether. Fortunately, we live in a time period when there is always someone who holds the solutions whenever there is a problem. today there are an increasing number of IoT-centric communication options that are now becoming available that can help cut down these costs.

These range from emerging low-cost no-recurring fee cellular IoT options that can cover your device data needs for multiple years or narrow band/LTE Cat-M1 options, to lightweight communication protocols like MQTT and CoAP to devices with edge computing capability to reduce the data transmission traffic. This enables low-cost maintenance over time.

Cost Cutting From The Operational Cost

cost-cutting during IoT optimization

As we can see IoT implementation is bringing all heterogenous technology together so the IoT needs standardization is much needed. Until it happens it’s still a bunch of all kinds of dispersed technologies mixed together. All do need to be monitored to see if they are working properly or not. It also helps to check if everything is well-optimized anything needs to upgrade. If also shows if a hardware upgrade is not feasible. Optimization options related to operating costs of an IoT solution include but are not limited to:

  • Upgrading the software in the device, communication and application layers as well as cloud/infrastructure software services to support high availability and security
  • Query Optimization at database level
  • Optimization of device payload to minimize communication costs and errors
  • Real time and predictive analytics to provide timely business insights 
  • Tuning alerts and alarms generated by the IoT system to drive business value and customer experience
  • Optimizing API services to speed up integration with new/changing enterprise systems


As Iot will be used in the real world and not in the simulations even after optimizing so well things can still go wrong and sudden problems arise making it hard to calculate the budget for IoT implementation. As one of the leading companies in India with several international projects, we can help you manage all of the problems above for you. We will identify your needs and provide you with the best IoT implementation at a reasonable cost.

All our solutions work with a minimal amount of power consumption and provide zero latency to provide you with the best information you can get for your location. So that you can make the correct decision ar the correct time. We also make sure you will have to upgrade when you yourself actually want and not in an emergency. Let us handle all the headaches from software for you, while you collect the benefits from your very own IoT device.