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Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

IoT Company in India

Kotai Electronics have experience in building many IoT Monitoring Platform and IoT hardware for different industries. Our IoT Development services include complete in-house full-stack development for IoT application development with high security and a highly scalable system, that can scale with your business.

IoT Platform is an integral part of IoT Applications, where you actually monitor all IoT Sensor data and take your discussion. Apart from the Visualisation of sensor data, the IoT Platform is also useful, when you have to remotely control the devices like smart home applications.

Kotai’s simple and powerful IoT Monitoring dashboard can help you to integrate with your existing ERP or BI Tools to take smart decisions on your business. Apart from Custom IoT Platform, we also have experience in Google Cloud IoT, AWS IoT, Azure IoT.

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Kotai Electronics has expertise in building all kinds of IoT technology stacks built upon NodeJS, and Python Framework, and IoT Communication protocols like using MQTT, REST API, TCP, UDP, etc. IoT platform is realtime and some of the application needs instant actions like conditional actions, email triggers, notification, or real-time commands like switch on or off. Kotai’s IoT Development Services includes the expertise in using hardware platforms like Arduino, ESP32, STM32, Raspberry PI, BLE, GPS Sensors, etc.

We also have vast experience in designing real-time IOT Platforms for remote sensing applications like GPS trackers, health monitoring devices, Smart Home applications, Smart Traffic lights, Smart Streeting Light Monitoring, etc

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