Chatbot Has No Chance | key differentiator of conversational Ai

Even some of the people of industry assume Conversational Ai is just Chatbots with Ai but they work completely oppositely, So much so that Conversational Ai is probably going to automate customer service and virtual assistant for mobile app and website development and conventional chatbot already has one foot in the grave. Even in its initial stage, AI integrated conversational Ai completely revolutionize the customer service industry, It is one of the many reasons why it is the clear winner between Conversational Ai vs Chatbot comparison. Let’s learn what is the key differentiator of conversational Ai and how can it help your business grow.

key differentiator of conversational Ai

Let’s start with understanding what is a Bot?

What is a Bot?

The name bot is derived from the word Robot. It’s basically a computer program that depending on how it’s programmed can mimic some human actions. It can be something like posting something on the internet, watching a video, playing a game, or here talking to some person.

So the chatbot means, As the name suggests a chatbot is a computer program that understands human language and responds to it accordingly. It can be programmed to understand both text and voice. Here the thing is they cant understand questions and answers as we do, They only understand and respond to an only basic level of Q&A type of queries. They can only respond to queries that are already given to the program. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and respond to user queries depending on how it is trained.

The image below might help you understand this more easily. This type of chatbot is being used for customer services, virtual assistants, and e-Commerce platforms. In the near future e-Commerce, all of them will be changed by more sophisticated conversational AI.

how chatbot works

What is a Conversational Ai?

Chatbot and Conversational might not be the same thing but they are related. As they almost do just the same thing but how it does it makes it different. It is a much more evolved medium of communicating with customers. It implies the advantages of AI. Ai works hand in hand with previously said NLP and other ultra-modern technologies like machine learning, identity management, secure integration, process workflows, dialog state management, speech recognition, etc.

It provides a more humanlike and customer-centric experience. Instead of answering question “A” with answer “B” it understands and analyzes the question “A” and understands what the customer is actually looking for and answers the best solutions accordingly giving it a more personalized approach.

how conversational ai work

a key differentiator of conversational Ai?

Both are used to engage with humans either with voice or with text. Both use NLP and both can be implemented in almost any software application, virtual assistants, and web application but what differentiates conversational Ai, and what exactly makes it superior to chatbots? As even though they work differently it sounds like they work the same. So how it’s different?

Answer More Complex Questions

When the customer base grows, it puts immense pressure on the in-home customer service. Previously the chatbot was enough to handle some of the basic Q&A questions to decrease the pressure on the customer service team but when more complex questions arrive chatbots reach their limits and the customer queries need to be diverted to the customer service teams.

A key differentiator of conversational ai here is being able to understand exactly what users are saying including slang, abbreviations, mispronunciation, etc. You also won’t need the exact same keywords to understand what users are trying to find.

Gets Better With Time

Another key differentiator of conversational Ai is it complies with NLP and Machine learning (ML) NLP helps understand the language better and Machine Learning helps it understand and learn how conversation work and makes future conversations with customers even more sophisticated.

Understand Intend

Intelligence analysis is the process by which the information collected about a user is used to answer questions about current scenarios and also to predict the future behavior of that said person.

Conversational Ai can also remember what they have been said before to understand customer intent more clearly. This also enables more improvised recommendations for users depending on the previous interactions. It’s another key differentiator of conversational Ai.

Instantly updated data

Another thing that differentiates conversational Ai is updating its answers with updates that are made in datasets. From the time of updates, it will start answering according to its new given data. On the other hand, chatbots need to be continuously updated.

Understanding Change of Topic

If you have used chatbots you understand pretty well how terrible it is when you want to go off-topic where you are currently in. For example, if you are asking something about not getting the refund in an e-Commerce and change the topic to how much time a package will need to arrive you will have to turn off and on again the chatbot.

Conversational Ai can do that automatically whenever you want without needing to be turned off. It can also predict hundreds of nuances to give more rich examples. It’s another amazing key differentiator of conversational Ai

Omni-channel Applicability

Chatbots generally operate through texts and certain predetermined answers. conversational Ai can provide a more omnichannel approach. Here it can also understand commands too. Just like Siri and Alexa. It’s another key differentiator of conversational Ai.

key differentiator of conversational Ai

If the Conversational Ai is so good why chatbots are still being used?

If conversational Ai is so good why hasn’t eradicated all the chatbots in the world yet? As chatbots are quite an old technology and are deeprooted in each businesses sector. Plus they are super easy to build and they care cheap (at the beginning). They are also effective enough for the initial stages of the company when it hasn’t scaled up that much yet.

Some of the website temples also come with a pre-build chatbot option so as long as the requirement is not that hard. People try to avoid developing a conversational AI. As initially developing Ai costs more than a chatbot people tend to avoid that.


As more and more things are automated customer services are going to be one of the industries that will be automated too. Probably conversational Ai will be the one to automate that. The key differentiator of conversational Ai is easy to use more effective and efficient and more importantly, it comes with a more human touch. Human touch is what makes customer service more elegant. Now people mostly use chatbots and probably they will soon be updated with conversational Ai and as people today use voice options more the chances of this happening are growing.