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PCB Design Company

What is a good PCB?

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board they are basically the foundation of each and every modern-day electronic device. Every PCB Design service knows that the PCB is the heart of some of the simplest technologies like door openers to some of the complex devices like your smartphone. The more complex the system the more layers the PCB board will have.

A good quality PCB will be made from high-quality Copper Traces, Thick and base made of fibreglass and epoxy and the special treatments that are done in them make it safe from moisture and dust. Our PCB design company also offers components like,

  • Resister
  • Transister
  • Capacitor
  • Inductor
  • Transformers
  • Diodes
  • and Various kinds of sensors
PCB Design Service

Why does The Quality of PCB layout and design matter?

Most of the industrial custom PCBs are used in some of the most crucial places like cyber security, managing important business information, health devices, defence etc.

A PCB failure while working under this condition can cause be dangerous and even fatal. It is the reason why even though substandard PCB works just fine the quality of the PCB is a thing you just can’t ignore.

PCB Design Services That We Provide

Flexi & Ridgit PCB

Pcb Design Service

Whether it’s flexible or rigid tell us what you need and we got you covered.

Multi-Layered PCB

Pcb design

we offer high-quality multilayered PCB

Layout Design

Pcb design company

Our team of experienced engineers are trained to create a clean functional Layout design

SI/PI Analysis

SI/PI analysis

In order to get the optimum performance SI/PI analysis is essential

EMI/EMO Analysis

EMI/EMO Analysis

Accurate EMI and EMO testing are provided by us to help you meet your needs.

2 Sided PCB

2 Sided PCB

Keeping up with the latest is one of the musts in the tech industry that’s why we offer 2-sided PCB printing.

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Key Features of PCBs From Kotai Electronics :

Durable, Industry Ready

Durable Industry

We understand the PCB boards are meant to be used extensively without the need for maintenance, We build our solutions to be capable of handling the industry needs.

High-Quality Base Material

high quality base

We only use premium quality base material made of fibreglass epoxy which keeps the PCB away from short-circuits, open circuits and inflammation

Special Treatments Done

special treatment

All PCBs made are specially chemically treated and coated to last longer than others and protect from elements like moisture and dust.

Thick Traces

Thick Traces

The copper traces are the main component of the PCB without them PCB would have been normal chips of plastic, We make the traces thick and durable for long-lasting performance.

High-Speed Service

High-speed service

We know how busy you are creating the future and making the world better we dont want to hamper your quest that’s why we provide High-speed PCB design services

What makes us stand out?

As one of the most prominent companies with the most experienced in the industry, we know how to bring the latest and greatest together. That’s why we use AI algorithms for making the PCB layout and design.

Our solutions are tried and tested for every industry and every situation, as a custom PCB design service are improvising products each day for providing you with the best solution that is available in the market.

Our PCBs are the result of in-house development and continuous testing. Our solutions are high quality and we assure 100% satisfaction.

  • How Much Does PCB Design Services Cost?

    PCB Layout designing cost depends on your requirements simpler design with fewer devices costs less similarly multilayered PCBs with so many devices will cost more.

  • How Long Does PCB layout design take?

    Just like the cost of the development the time also depends on the requirements.

  • How long does the PCB last?

    Our PCBs are made with the premium quality base material and are treated with chemical layering making them last at least 10 years or more.

  • How do make PCBs last longer?

    Even though the PCB elements matter in terms of durability but still how you keep them will matter a lot on how long they will last. For example, you should keep it away from moisture and cover it in a waterproof container.