php vs node js which is better for startup

PHP vs NodeJS which is better for startup business


In this article, we will have a comparison on PHP vs Node js which is better for side server scripting for your startup business for 2020 and beyond 

In the ever-changing world of programming PHP and javascript both used to work separately 

Javascript for front end and PHP for the backend but everything changed when node.js came into play post-2009 it gave developers speed and usability but PHP also evolved itself and currently came to its most advanced version PHP 8 but PHP 7 still stays the most user-friendly one

Now the question is…

which is better according to your requirements?

So they are comparable to each other in the following factors

 which is better php vs node js
php vs node js comparison
The performance

which is better PHP vs Node Js performance-wise?

To find the answer of that question we must know what are those and how do they works.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor it runs on the server can be embedded into HTML and works is a synchronous process where PHP receives a file request and send it to the computer, from here it starts processing and then it delivers the content to the client and finally it’s ready for another request.

This process takes time where new request keeps waiting what makes it slower. 

What is Node js?

It’s an open-source cross-platform back-end javascript runtime that lets developers use javascript outside web browser as a side server scripting language, it works in an asynchronous process where the server consists of one thread processing one event after another without waiting for the previous one to complete.

If speed is your priority what should be as a startup business in 2020 node js have to be your choice.


What is easier to use?

Though PHP is widely known for backend development but for developers need to switch languages for front-end and back-end development. In terms of Node js, however, you don’t need to switch language as its runtime environment of javascript. It comes as a boon to the developers. As Node js is convenient to use. Being a startup you can barely manage time for each activity, here node js helps a lot to save that learning time.


which is better PHP vs Node JS Security wise for a startup businesses?

As PHP code is not visible in the browser, it is secure than Node Js. Javascript code is vulnerable and prone to security threats though it can be protected with SSL it still consists of some risks as, 14% of the Node Package Manager which has indirectly affected 54% of the ecosystem. As a startup business security threats are the last thing you will be asking for, so in this case, PHP is better suitable. 

So,if the question is Node js vs PHP security the answer will be php all the time

What is more widely used PHP vs Node Js ?

Node js is used in various ways starting from multithreaded apps, game servers, browsers, web apps, etc but PHP is basically used in web-based application

PHP was introduced in the 90s and it’s also open source and the web is 80% PHP so the sky is the limit in terms of the growth of its community there will always be someone to help you with the different problems you may face. Being a startup business you may not always find experts for that time you will be taking help from the community.

In the ever-changing world of technology, it is the main reason why should stick to popular technology?


Which is better PHP vs node js in terms of database compatibility?

PHP works quite well with MySQL as it has built-in database support. It also supports MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Node Js requires you to connect with databases through npm libraries. Though PHP can be configured for supporting libraries such as JSON it will be easier to use Nodejs as you only need javascript for frontend and backend both. So both of them don’t have any problems regarding the database so no one is the loser in terms of database compatibility.

Learning Difficulty

Is PHP easier to learn? 

There is a lot of debate between developers about what is easier to learn between these two as they say PHP is the easiest because they can’t know Node Js without knowing javascript but knowing javascript helps with node js so we don’t have a clear winner here.


Which application will be more scalable?

Every startup business has a primary goal of scaling any language or framework that can be used for that but node js is always preferred over PHP most of the time as it’s hard to find built complex applications using PHP so most of the time node js taken into action.

Pros and Cons of PHP vs Node JS

php vs node js pros vs cons
PHP vs node js pros and cons

Pros of PHP

  1. PHP is used to make Web Applications development what makes it easier to to maintain the code automatically it has a MVC architecture what helps to separate file foe each module separately
  2. It has been into action for quite a long time it has evolved to its current version PHP 8 developers also have made it easier to use and bug free and it is still future proof what makes it quite stable
  3. PHP has basically limitless database options such as MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more. PHP can also be used with non-relational databases like ElasticSearch, Redis, and MongoDB etc.

Cons of PHP

  1. While embedding PHP into HTML using syntax it gets harder to add new functionality to the current php application.
  2. It is unable to support a bunch of apps as it is not competent modular. It can only imitate key features of java

Pros of Node Js

  1. Node Js can work in a synchronous process which can handle more request simultaneously.
  2. Since it has similarities with javascript its easier for frontend developers to learn it.
  3. It gives access to thousands of different modules as it has very limited guidelines and dependencies

Cons of Node js

  1. It has sometimes a complex set of code structure what makes it hard for some individuals
  2. Its still in its development stage applications made by node Js are super responsive what makes it difficult to develop very graphic applications it also does not handle cpu intensive activities such as audio and video properly

which is better php or node js for startup business ?

who is php vs node js

There is no clear answer to it as both have different strengths and weaknesses. Even if one happened to be superior to another it would have destroyed the less usable one.

So what can be done now?

You need to choose according to your requirements such as

When to choose PHP?
  1. While creating blog or e-commerce website
  2. You want your website to be easy to deploy and integrate
  3. When you are using LAMP(Linux,Apache.Mysql,PHP) stack
When to choose node js?
  1. When you are using Dynamic and Responsive single page website
  2. Using with Angular,JQuery and react
  3. When you are using MEAN stack (MongoDB,ExpressJS,AngularJS,Node)


Hope we could help you find what you need for your startup business according to requirements if you still have confusion please go through this article again and you may find your answer.

Have a great day.

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