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Top Profitable Tech Startup Ideas For 2022

Top Profitable Tech Startup Ideas

Introduction: Nowadays every second person wants to start a business of their own and be their own boss but very few people are willing to take action towards it, they waste time doing irrelevant higher studies and expensive courses instead of starting a small business to gain some experience.If you are one of those who prefer taking action over waiting for days for the correct time. This article is for you, Taking action is was the first step towards your goal the second challenge you will face will be finding startup ideas, don’t worry we are here to help you find that out.

In this article, we will help you find the best startup idea you may ever have, sure you may have seen quite a few articles where you have found ideas like Web development companies, Mobile app development companies or tech companies of finance, etc.

though there is nothing wrong with that the problem is that they are too widespread with their approach. If you want to have a successful startup today you must be specific with it and nitch down with your approach at least in your initial days. like Amazon used to sell books at the beginning. Here we have suggested how you can do that nitch downing process successfully and what can be startup ideas that will have a huge opportunity in the future.

so let’s get started…!!

IoT Start-up

IoT is almost everywhere today. Most of the huge companies today provide large or big appliances with connected capabilities. IoT is basically a bunch of different technologies coupled with special kinds of software and microchips for connectivity. As large companies today launch their products enabled with IoT. It opens opportunities for new start-ups to grow under the shadow of large reputed companies by providing them with IoT solutions in the initial period.

As strategically placed IoT devices can perform wonders for example, In a big or small lawn it can predict weather and take required actions necessary for to protect the land and vegetation from natural phenomena such as thunderstorms and hail.

VR Gaming Set-up Company

After the launch of MetaVerse, it seems that people won’t mind being plugged into a real version of Matrix created by meta. It does open new gates of opportunities for business. Especially when every social media influencer is talking about getting into gaming, it is getting prominent that in terms of the growth of the gaming industry, we are in the golden era of it.

Although huge companies are already putting large amounts behind it you can still be profitable by providing VR services such as setting up systems for gaming in VR or special equipment ti make VR more amazing to users. For example, you can set up a room for let’s say either racing or role-playing games set-up.

CyberSecurity For Influencers

It has become more common for social media influencers to get their accounts hacked at least in India. A startup that provides cyber security to influencers can be pretty much profitable. As we all know the term your network in your network, it will also be useful for your future business ventures as it would create good business relations with influencers that you can use easily to advertise your future business.

AR Service Providing Company

It will be more kind of more of a B2B business where you will be giving your customers services where they can show their products to customers and developing the medium of showing will be your responsibility. Another AR provider can be providing virtual horror games or Time machine journeys in the real world through their phone. The possibilities are endless its not as competitive as VR so for a net tech company it will be really easy to be profitable.

Smart Accessories

User experience is the name of the game when you’re developing a smart accessories startup. The first step is to identify a common problem that your accessory could solve or a way that a device’s user experience could be enhanced. Next, develop a prototype and test its usability; once you’re satisfied with your smart accessories’ performance, your startup is ready to be born. For example, for playing competitive games like PUBG you can make smart accessories like the Player Unknown helmet with CR capabilities for a realistic experience.

Tiny Home Automation

Tiny home and home automation both are different in their kind and pretty competitive too, but both of them together is not that much. The popularity of smart home technology is increasing as consumers look for tools to streamline their life at home. Especially in tiny homes where technologies like hydraulics are much more needed. If a simple smartphone can do everything for them it will be more than a blessing for them. Like it, a simple touch can change the music to bring rotating bathrooms in front of the user or catch intruders all by itself all while keeping your coffee warm in their tiny home. If they can get this why won’t they like to make your business profitable for you? so it’s another tech startup idea.

Renewable Energy

We all know how fuel prices are going up and resources like coal and petroleum are about to end within the next few decades. A long term startup with so much potential can be renewable energy providing startup-like for example. Wind, solar and geothermal energy have vast potential in the future market. It can be another very profitable tech company.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

A.I. has been gaining a serious amount of attention for the last decade and there is no sign of it decreasing anytime soon. Chances are they will be smarter faster and more popular.

Now A.I. is reading, writing, doing automation, analyzing, and what not? recently after the pandemic, many companies are considering to A.I. and for its repetitive and analyzing jobs, the demand is so huge that people wait for weeks to get their Automation Software done, from web development to mobile app development everyone is looking to use A.I. to improve their UX and will continue to do so. In the pandemic when most of the businesses were suffering some of the companies incorporated A.I. to perform some of their tasks for cost-cutting.

A startup that builds that A.I. and machine learning software for companies will take no time to make its fortune. Software like chatbots, scrapping tools, security checks, and fraud doctors are in huge demand these days. If you can manage to come up with your own revolutionary idea and make software capable of doing wonders your potential of growth will be unlimited and your tech startup will grow into a large corporation like AI.Reverie, Anodot, Dataiku, BigML in notime.


Top Profitable Tech Startup Ideas

The pandemic made E-Commerce turn into a 26.7 Trillion industry and affected by the “new normal” when most of the people are staying at home, it also has a huge market in 2022. When people claim it’s saturated and high competition nitch down tech companies like robu, nykaa and myntra are making banks out there. All you need is a website and a mobile app for yourself and that’s it you could be selling clothes to antiques still both of them will work just fine.

Almost every sector in e-commerce growing so rapidly that if you can do the marketing part yourself there is no way you can go wrong with it. Furthermore, e-commerce provides an opportunity for passive income, so it’s a plus point again or if you choose not to have a store of products you have the opportunity to sell your services to the e-commerce website owners too.


Top Profitable Tech Startup Ideas

While thinking about startup ideas in post-pandemic time this one has to be kept in mind at any cost. Especially, when The pandemic has shown us the importance of biotech companies and the opportunities they might have in the future. For that reason, bio-tech startup these days gains rapid publicity and support from Angel Investors and government itself as you would be responsible for human life and quality. Though you may face most of the hardest challenges the breakthrough from it will be worth you will be gaining fame and multi-million dollar investment almost overnight

Streaming Platform

Almost every media company is launching its streaming services nowadays, but why? what is so special about it? In this era attention is the new real estate. The longer one can hold it the more profitable it can be. If as a tech company you can hold the attention at yourself your business will be blooming. For example, Phil Swift became the “The Flextape Guy” while gaining a lot of attention on the internet. What is the best way to do that other than a dedicated streaming platform where you can market your brand as you wish?

if your content is good enough for streaming services you should start a company of streaming. You will just have to do a web or even a mobile app development that lets you stream, now when everyone is making a streaming service of their own as that’s what the market demand is you will be in demand and profitable.

Cloud Computing Services

In the last stage of the evolution of storage devices, it has become a remote server storage system from physical devices like hard disk, SSD from here they can not only store an unlimited amount of data they can also access it from anywhere they want. As businesses and organizations are going global the need for cloud computing is also increasing, and the future has a lot of opportunities in hands for you if you choose to go with this one.

For this one, you will require a lot of funding and a large team of cloud engineers in the initial days but if you manage to acquire that and gain some market exposure you will be making an immense amount of profit as there are not much competition in that field


Top Profitable Tech Startup Ideas

For our next startup idea, we will discuss the thing you are probably already familiar with. The little chatbot robot at the bottom of websites that answers all your FAQs are called chatbots.

There are certain startups that are coming up today who provide chatbot development services along with web development services or as only chatbot development companies. As every huge company have their own website it’s pretty hard to approach business with only your simple web development services as in the beginning, you won’t have the resources to create a super responsive advance multipage website but if you approach them with chatbot development idea they are most likely to say yes. Above all as big or small businesses have a website it will be a huge market for you to grab

Crowd Funding Platform

In the modern era, it is quite wholesome to think people often help strangers with problems in their life. There are literally hundreds of success stories of people helping strangers collect money for treatment, arrange funerals, pay for college and what not?

If your company develop a mobile app for that kind of crowdfunding on a nitch market like for starting a business or to help war veterans you will have a profitable business in no time.

Virtual health and therapy service

After covid people have started taking therapy more frequently and often for health-related risks in the pandemic they don’t consider going to clinics and hospitals too much.

this kind of situation is perfect for a mobile app development that connects doctors and therapists to their patients helping both ends, As the new normal situation will continue for the next few years you will not face many problems marketing and making banks out of it.


Top Profitable Tech Startup Ideas

Drones can survey land, help in agriculture, security and many things. In future, they will probably keep increasing their utility. Amazon was supposed to do delivery from drones in 2019 but for some internal reasons that didn’t happen.

This startup ideas list would have been incomplete without that as drones the things from the future, If you manage to build an IoT connected drone that can carry certain things and carry a minimal amount of heavyweight you will have a lot of opportunities as drone tech has a vast market and not that much competition yet.

Ed-Tech Startup

After the pandemic cut down a lot of jobs and schools and colleges are closed for like ages, people have realised the importance of gaining skills, They have started to gather a tot of knowledge from the internet doing courses. Many companies like Pluralsight provided their premium courses for free and big corporations like amazon has come into it with this business too.

This is another profitable startup idea that will have immense growth in 2022 and beyond. This is another place where you can get that recurring amount of profit if you can build a community even a small one if it’s a high nitch one for things like mobile app development, animation, web development, cybersecurity etc with an expert level of knowledge in that you have a great fortune out of it.


Hope you could choose what tech startup of the future you should choose to be profitable and how to nitch them down to easily penetrate the market.

Remember, don’t forget to do proper research for it and stay committed to your goal and don’t forget to work hard

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