Queue Management System                            

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Queue Management system 
Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Queue Management system 

Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd.’s Queue Management Systems could reduce consumers’ waiting times, improve queue management, and enhance profits.

Depending on what your business’s requirements are, our system is able to be customized to satisfy them, from a simple queue management system to a completely industrial solution for multiple departments and a wide range of employee services around the world.

About the Queue Management system

To successfully regulate schedules, decrease consumer waiting periods, and maximize productivity, a queue management system (QMS) is utilized. Retail businesses, banks, healthcare organizations, government departments, and educational organizations are just a few of the many industries for which QMS systems can be specifically customized.

In order to operate schedules, these applications depend on innovations like token containers, vending machines, call transmission, and computerized timetables. These developments are used by Queue management system techniques to decrease wait times for customers and enhance their overall satisfaction.

Queue Management Software

For users to organize a virtual queue environment that allows operations within a controlled architecture with a specific location or all over the full client engagement system, queue management software is situated at the center of client movement principles, which improves the client’s satisfaction.

By giving customers an easy-to-use order procedure that includes “the best in, best away” arranged scheduling and different ways, Kotai Electronics queue management software supports you in managing your wait times.

Most queue management systems also include digital signage, visitor management, and web-based reservation systems. These functions enable organizations to manage consumer scheduling, check-ins, and waiting from one interface easily.

queue management software

Key Features of Queue Management System

Cloud Technolgy

Our queue system is entirely web-based and works with all common browsers. It gets included in any kind of application solution thanks to its broad API.

Client feedback

Real-time data collection from feedback from consumers is done by our Queue. This function gives you an extensive examination of the requirements of your company and its strengths.

Web-based reservation

On the Kotai website, consumers are able to make reservations for each service. Users only need to arrive at the website, select a service, and purchase a reservation.

Self-check-in interfaces and automated systems.

The consumer can easily provide data regarding the waiting lists using a touchscreen system in the area used for waiting.

full evaluations and information

Real-time information about destinations and services allows you to keep tabs on consumer opinions and behaviors. Understand the results of the many operation categories and service periods.

QR code

Clients can automate registration operations by scanning the QR code using their smartphone or tablet to see important queue information on the computerized screen.

Virtual Queues

Provide consumers with the option to contact your company in the way they want by using virtual queuing. The information process is never impacted due to the independent interface.

Personalized Queueing System

We give you the option to select various components based on your requirements and provide you with a custom solution. Choose the SaaS option to purchase it with an eternal, onsite license.

Decrease Wait Times

Clients can do business while on the go using scheduling services and SMS coupons. Enable consumers to queue at any location and use any kind of device. Achieve a large reduction in the cost of property ownership while boosting profits. When queues grow, support your management team in automatically creating fresh information offices.

Queue Management System
virtual queue

Make better the client satisfaction

With customized support at every office, your clients will really feel at home. With the help of Kotai Electronics, your employees are able to easily and officially receive every consumer’s identity. No tension is caused by actual or possible difficulties. Recognize your VIP clients and impress them at all times.

Respond to information in real-time

Monitoring office productivity and responding to maintenance problems via a current information interface. Explore customized visualizations and data to see whose employees, products and services, and offices are boosting your organization’s profitability as well as productivity. Use markets and promotions to boost profits.

Queue Management Software
queue manager


An independent technology-based automated queue management solution is Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd. operates through an information center, privately, or in a cloud environment. Easily connects to your current platforms. Nothing specific about hardware is required.

Queue management to provide easy customer experiences.


Clients have decided to implement queue technology in order to wait for less time.


Clients who skip brands due to long waiting times may believe that they are important.


The productivity improvement that queue-management systems can provide


For reduced segments, clients could transfer to a different product.

The Sectors We Provide



F & b



Public sector



Benefits of Queue Management System


Decreased client wait times


Increased automated operations


Decreased costs of operation


An improvement in client satisfaction

Why Kotai?

  • Hire development teams or highly skilled developers experienced with platforms or applications like yours.
  • We are reducing costs by up to 50% without compromising on quality.
  • We just don’t offer a developer. This managed program is supported by Solution Architects, Senior Technical Leads, and Project Managers, all of whom are included at no additional cost to you.
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  • your team when needed,
  • Reduce your time to market.
  • Daily reporting. Our development and testing processes are built on strong Agile methodologies and complete visibility by utilizing the best tools.
  • Augment your in-house teams with talented and highly specialized professionals.
  • It will completely eliminate overhead, administrative, and recruitment expenses.
  • You have complete control over the project, milestones, and deliverables. We bring in a dedicated team absolutely under your control without any hassles or administrative issues.

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The software services developed, distributed, and implemented by Kotai Electronics help companies improve client satisfaction within their regional offices or outlets.
We believe strongly and intend to recognize the digital world using our queue management system as an extremely outstanding global innovation company.

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Fully Managed Team

Dedicated IT Developer Team with a team lead for each project and sub-leads for modules so that complete control over the projects.

Dedicated Manager​

Dedicated project manager for each project so that project deadlines are never missed and customer experience is never impacted.

In-house QA Team​

Quality team to ensure your product of dreams was never designed in a hurry and every single module is properly tested and crafted with passion.

Frequently asked questions

The journey procedure Operation analysis, the number of servers, the number of network locations, and the number of customers—who may be humans, data files, cars, or something else—are all elements of the concept of queues that are analyzed. The concept of queuing is used by a variety of companies in the real world.

There may always be more people or situations requiring assistance than a specific organization is able to manage. Employees, as well as management, may schedule, organize, and verify the execution of products and operations with the use of queues.

There are various areas where the concept of queueing is employed, such as

Operations analysis, civil engineering, and computer science.
The concept of queuing is also utilized in computer science to explain system behavior and improve the efficiency of interaction infrastructure.

The concept of queues is employed in civil engineering to optimize traffic movement and predict the behavior of traffic networks.

Although the concept of queueing is utilized in operational analysis to optimize the distribution of resources and boost the effectiveness of company workflows.

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