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Compact Entry-Level Speed Sign

Kotai Electronics has a long history of working for various highway safety solutions and brings you its latest range of Radar Speed Signs. All of our speed detection solutions are accurate, durable and built to last longer and withstand all kinds of weather.

Our Entry-level Speed Sign is lightweight and shows the numbers in bright digits both in Kmph and Mph speeds. It’s perfect for private communities, local roads and residential complexes where strict speed limits are implemented. Our radar speed detection board has proven reliable in markets like Singapore, Dubai, India and Bangladesh. Our entry-level speed sign offers high power efficiency and quick response time and error-free results.

Radar Speed Sign

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Beacon System For Schools

The beacon system consists of one or a pair of flashers that comes coupled with the solar speed detection sign. It can be installed with a board that shows the speed limit. These boards are layered with reflectors so that they can be clearly seen at night.

Whenever the radar speed detector detects speed over the limit it shows a warning on the radar speed limit sign and in the flashers. It’s lightweight and durable to withstand harsh weather all while being capable of using the battery, AC connector and Solar energy together efficiently.


  • Light Flashes to alert motorists
  • Single of Multiple installable flashers
  • Available in horizontal and verticle alignment
  • 24X7 working schedule
  • Battery, Solar and AC power are available
  • Easy to install in Horizontal and Verticle mode

Moveable sign dolly

The moveable sign dolly comes with a pair of wheels attached to an axel so they come at the highest level of mobility. It’s also capable of working with all three power supplies like the previous one.

It can be locked up in a place where you want to slow down cars. It’s the best system for places where you don’t need the speed sign all the time. Its lightweight and the pair of wheels make it super portable even for a single person. We offer onsite trials and support and the universal bracket makes it compatible with most places.


  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Supports Solar power
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Durable

Cruiser LT mobile trailer

Cruiser LT mobile trailer is a radar speed feedback sign attached with the single axel trailer that can also be set up to be towed by a vehicle. It has a special attachment that lets you deploy it anywhere in less than 3 minutes.

This unique attachment makes it easily stand still even in a slant place and the trailer makes it strong to keep standing still in front of strong winds the best part would be, once you are done you can easily pack up and take it to your desired place.


  • Light Weight & Ridgit Trailer
  • Simple Crank System
  •  Easy deploy, tow, and transport
  • Deploys in under 5 minutes

Sign hitch

When you need a speed showing board that will be both super portable and also temporary for intended places like hazard zones or some event places. In order to maintain traffic speeds without taking up space on the way.

This solar radar speed sign can be attached to the rear end of a vehicle, which lets you use it at your convenience whenever there is a safety concern and more importantly in a temporary setting.


  • Super Portable
  • Easy to park lock
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Power from car & solar panel.

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