In store Retail footfall analytics

Machine vision based video analytics for retail store.

Retail Footfall Analytics

Worry about footfall converting into sales, check how our new real time retail store footfall analytics is helping store owners to understand which product selling most, which not in realtime.

Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is of AI based automation company, recently build their application for a retail store in East Asia, which helps store manager to take decision of product placement, Demographic information like Male, Female. Time of maximum and minimum footfall.

Also this in store analytics is equipped with advance dashboard for seeing old records about your store, and help you take better decision for generating more sales.

retail store footfall analytics


Real time Retail foot fall analytics can help you generate more and more sales during pick hour, you can understand better store placement management and convert customer.

01  Cost

Our software can be used with your existing cctv camera on store, you don’t need bulky hardware, so you dont’ have to invest again on camera.

02 Heatmap

Real time heatmap can help store managers to take decision instantly and change the placement in real time for better conversion

03 Demographic

Our business friendly dashboard can give you more insight about your customers like number of male and female, pick hours, pick selling hours, top and least selling rack.

04  realtime

Yes, when we say realtime, it means realtime, information that we show you realtime, which means you can take action instantly, so that you don’t loos single hours of selling.

Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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