Top 10 Reasons To Use Mobile App For Restaurant Business

After taking a lot of setbacks restaurant business are again back on track but a thing in the last two years the world has taken a quite lot of drifts and there has been a massive boom in the world of technology, especially in the sector or remote work and digital payments. People now have become more accepting of contactless payment methods and now when it’s time to get back into business equipped with all the bells and whistles, the first thing you have to do is renovate your restaurant with all the new technologies that you have been missing for last 2 years. You need a mobile app for your restaurant.

The restaurant business has almost limitless growth opportunities this is why people flock around it most of the time without considering all the complexities they might face, assuming you are not one of those and have researched all the risks and rewards you might face in the path of your business already it’s the time we would suggest you renovate your restaurant firstly with a custom PWA for your restaurant.

Mobile App For Restaurant Business

Its true that food delivery app is dominating the market today but if you function in your physical restaurant and have gathered quite a reputation in that you have to stay functional in both that food delivery app and in your own app and get seen as an amazing high-tech restaurant at the time when every place is flooded with foodies and every corner has so many restaurants having a virtual presence makes you stand out from the crowd.

Since the implementation of technology, every restaurant business has seen growth those who didn’t follow this revolution faced a tremendous amount of losses monetarily. Now it’s the second phase of the revolution where every restaurant has its own PWA and provides customers with a highly satisfying and convenient experience. Admittedly, the growth of any business depends on the revenue generated by operating it.

The availability of the data has made it easier for restaurant owners to provide better customer service and touch the levels of good service and beyond it. With the help of thins restaurants have enhanced their overall performance, efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Every business owner today strives to give better service and they have to if they want to survive the ever-increasing competition in the field. All serious business owner strives to have the most highly organized mobile app for restaurant and an impressive online presence so that they can have an amazing first impression and better overall service experience and greater word-of-mouth marketing. Here are six benefits of implementing information technology solutions in a restaurant business.

Slot Reservation From Anywhere

Just try to imagine how great It would be if you could arrange and reserve a table for your anniversary weeks before your special day with just a few taps on the screen the app also needs to show details about the tables and seats left or at what time those will be free.

mobile app for restaurant

Your users can book a slot and get their food at the correct time without waiting and also without making your restaurant crowded your PWA will keep the data of your customers saved and the progressive web application will keep sending follow-ups to your customers about your special offers and updates.

Dynamic Menu Card

The latest trend that is going on nowadays is the digital menu card sure there is various mobile app for restaurant and website that shows your menu but when you have a PWA for yourself your customers can order directly from your web app by scanning a QR code and going through the digital menu card.

One of the many ways why people use the online medium is the convenience they get with this. The mobile app for restaurants or the PWA gives your customer convenience while choosing and ordering food, even though many restaurant menus are listed on the website many restaurants are here that are still not listed on the internet nor do they have a decent online presence. For example, their menus are

It provides end users with a highly convenient experience. Many restaurants already have the same facility for their mobile app for restaurants, but few of the restaurants have their digital menu cards uploaded even if they are not reactive they don’t own a mobile application. These companies are not many outside India as they don’t survive for long but in India where the offline sector and offline possibilities are huge many restaurant owners don’t have a strong online presence

If you come here with an online presence and make it bold in a market like India sky will be the only limit for you also you would be able to gather reviews and preferences from your existing customers.

Online Food Delivery

Online food ordering is spreading like a forest fire these days through a free mobile app for restaurant ordering Swiggy or Zomato would still be your best bet but when you have a reputation outside offline and a newly made app you can absolutely demolish the competition as you would be able to give special offers via your mobile app for the restaurant at a much cheaper cost from your competition in your mobile app for a restaurant this would not only demolish your competition but also would let you give customised and the best service to your customer

mobile app for restaurant business

with the help of delivery app Once the customer orders the meal online then they can also track where the deliverer is. With the use of GPS technology, restaurant owners can also keep a tap on where the deliverer is and thereby strengthen the delivery process as well.

If having the idea of your own mobile app for restaurants sounds pleasing to you we have experience in building industry-ready software you can contact us and we would be please to guide you.

Close Range Orders

This is a relatively new feature which can help you to increase your restaurant sales. This kind of mobile app for restaurants stays installed in your smartphone and whenever you give any special offer or they are near the physical location of your restaurant they receive a push notification By this you can tempt and lure your customers by offering deals that they can’t refuse. It would be especially useful as a mobile app for restaurants.

Online Presence

Even if you are not a restaurant business regardless of your industry you need an online presence. in order to have a decent-looking online presence, you have to have a mobile App for restaurants. Else just try to imagine how would they become your customer after finding you out on social media.

It attracts large numbers of people in a short time span provided effective online marketing is done.

mobile app for restaurant online presence

It also enhances brand value and its image. Moreover, many people get to know about new restaurants on online platforms only. Therefore, it is a must for every restaurant to have an aggressive online presence.

It also allows them to interact with customers directly and respond to their feedback.

There are so many restaurants that also provide end users with Wi-Fi connection as they know this facility attracts a lot of Internet-obsessed people who do not like to get off track for a long time for personal or professional reasons.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs not only increase your sales but also turn your frequent customers into a loyal customer base. You might also bring new customers if you provide offers like special discounts on having your friends and customer with you. This brings back your old customers while at the same time bringing new customers to your business. According to a study, 65% of customers are likely to download your mobile app for restaurants if you provide them with exclusive offers periodically.

Better ROI On The Special Offers

When you are giving away an offer the first thing you would like to achieve is a huge number of increased sales in a little span of time. You might share Pham plates, share on social media message your customer on social media and WhatsApp all of it can be done easily using push notifications which would be much more efficient than having to do all that.

use mobile app for restaurant and get better ROI

You would be able to show offers about your special offers, combos and most importantly it would be very much more effective in terms of getting customers to come to receive your orders and is likely to take actions according to it. If you can manage to pull off sending a perfect and luring push notification stating your dishes and combos that would be able to lure even 10 per cent of your customers each day you would be able to significantly increase your business by the end of the week you would have significantly high-profit margin than you could have achieved if you have just tried following the traditional means and social media.

The thing here you need to keep in mind is that you have to nail the timing of sending your push notification properly for example you need to send your notification approximately two hours before the average lunch timing for the people in that certain area moreover you also need to frequently make your customers remember a week before you actually give it.

This will implant the idea in your customers’ minds and they are likely to visit as they would’ve already justified their decision due to reduced costs.

Online Promotion Through Checking Apps

Restaurants also give these loyal customers an additional feature using which they can let their friends know where they are through mobile applications like Foursquare.

It attracts many customers to the restaurant as they get to know its name and it also acts as a real-time recommendation.

Providing Page For FAQ

Once you have accumulated a medium amount of rapport and have grown a customer base the first thing that would happen is you would get tons of FAQs regarding your services and the items you serve. Do you want to have someone on the phone to clarify the queries or you can have an app with a chatbot that would tell your customer all the things you need to know? moreover, mostly the questions asked by the customers are common you can answer with the help of a FAQ

Apart from that, you can include short information at every stage which would help your customers to understand your services in an efficient manner. You can do this in the following manner.

  • Link your address to either a business listing like the JustDial app or Google Maps making it easier for a customer to navigate
  • Ensure that the customer can contact you with just a tap without leaving the app. That means your mobile app for restaurants needs a call now button
  • The app should be showing the dates and expiry dates of offers and coupons clearly
  • In the booking form, you can include information about the maximum number of people you can accommodate

Reviews and Rating To Show

79 Percent of the people on the internet trust online reviews but when talking about restaurants it gets pretty hard to show your reviews. apps like Swiggy & Zomato let your customers see the reviews from here they can count whether they want your food or not.

If you are rated well on one of these websites then the chances are high that people will visit your restaurant once, at least.

mobile app for restaurant business

Interestingly, these websites allow restaurant owners to plan their activities to enhance customer services according to these reviews as they get to know what sections have the scope for improvement.


Having a mobile app for restaurants is not just beneficial for your customers and you it is also highly effective for B2B activities. For example from a restaurant owner’s POV, you can collab with vendors who supply the raw materials regularly. like if you are a restaurant that serves burgers you can connect with the baker and automate the system of getting bread as required. The best part is no one has ever thought about it before.

Technology can inevitably solve many of the problems by streamlining the entire chain from getting a veggie in the kitchen until the time it is cooked and delivered to the customer.