Top 6 IoT Companies In India

IoT companies in India

With the whole, IT industry growing 10 percent per year India is one of the largest exporters of software in the world. Even though the field of IoT application and platform development is relatively new compared to the well-known things like web, eCommerce or software development, India, even though entering a little later than others, is coming out as one of the biggest exporters of IoT in the World. India build a fortune of 17 billion last year. Here we will discuss about the top 6 IoT companies in India.

All of this is not from just exporting, India is also one of the biggest markets for IoT technologies as well. It is expected to reach 9.28 billion within the year of 2025. Several Industries like agriculture and healthcare are finding ways to implement IoT into their systems. There is also a visible rise of completely IoT-based industries in India like home automation and smart cities.

Today there are more than 200+ big and small IoT companies in India that provide services to various industries including the following industries above and also in industries like warehouses, e-commerce companies, and many more. So, if you are also thinking about developing IoT from an Indian brand and are confused about who to trust, here we have listed the top 5 companies in India that provide IoT software, IoT hardware or Application development.

All these companies have proven their expertise in applying IoT in different sectors. We have given the names of Indian companies who have proven their expertise and have grown quite a lot in a little time span. So let’s get it started

Here Are The Top 6 IoT Companies In India

Kotai Electronics

IoT companies

Engineers from Kotai Electronics have years of experience in the IoT space. This is a leading company that has specialized in IIoT and IoMT. The solutions build by these companies embedded with sensors collect data from the environment and process and analyze them according to the needs for taking future actionable decisions. Kotai Electronics have projects like a patient monitoring system for some of the leading nursing homes A.I. Traffic Management System which includes an Automatic traffic counter and classifier, and a Number plate reader.

This company has built IIoT for several large companies and the government one of the notable projects is a dumping yard safety device that stops JCBs from working when some person accidentally crosses a given limit. For this, they use low-power consuming highly accurate technologies.

All of their IoT solutions are backed with Cloud servers to monitor and optimize things and give technical support anytime anywhere on the go. They also build IoT platforms and IoT weather machines. Apart from IoT, they have built IT solutions and other SaaS platforms. This company is also working with Sikkim Manipal university under its technical wing.

Kotai Electronics uses data collected from IoT to analyze how a certain device is performing to check remotely if there is any malfunction in the system and also offers remote service if anything is out of the ordinary. All the data gathered from IoT data is used for forecasting services of products.

 Altiux Innovations

Altiux Systems is an IoT company in India that is backed by Wipro it develops solutions based on IoT. Altizon has many Enterprise users, making it a good Industrial IoT platform provider. Their products are working in smart cities, smart homes, and intelligent buildings.

Their IoT platform is also cloud-based. The IoT platform that connects various devices and allows them to exchange information is specifically built for Enterprise IoT. They provide service across the entire development cycle. They have services like consulting, development, and data analytics all backed by their support and support and maintenance.

They also help in reducing the timeline of the product life cycle by using innovative tools during the developmental phase. They have developed tools fp*or themselves like Toolkit: BoxPwr™.  BoxPwr™. They are designed to work with different software frameworks, sensor nodes, and actuators.

They are also providers of edge computing and cloud connectivity, and communication gateways. The tool kit they have built for them accelerates their development time. It’s one of the reasons why it’s on number two but they still haven’t affiliated to universities and they also have that many broad services like kotai electronics so its on our number two.

Pixel Crayons

ts another PixelCrayons is another top internet of things company coming from India that caters to a wide range of projects working under like hospitals, banking sectors and financial firms, and the automotive industry. They also have some small projects in travel and tourism, media and entertainment, transport and logistics, and e-commerce sectors. Similar to our previous entries they provide end-to-end app development services that are completely customizable according to clients’ needs.

They provide services like IoT consultancy, development service, API development, IoT application development, and data analytics just like our previous few companies they also provide onsite support but they are in this position because they are not doing significantly the world thing instead they are doing that most IT companies already do.

What put it in your number three position is their comprehensive data analysis service and the brilliant Ui/Ux they build. Despite being an Indian company and not an MNC and all of their products are high-speed, scalable, and provide good security.

They also have some work going on in the industrial IoT. These devices gather information from here data like user preference and work quality can be used to provide more refined services. They build things like RFID tags, beacons and sensors.


IBM is one of the biggest names in the all over world of technology in India they could not get hold of their luck previously but still in the world of IoT they are one of the biggest names. They are the owners of the Watson Ai that is used for predictive analysis and automation. They provide solutions like Enterprise asset management using a combination of all IoT, Ai, and analytics. Its super-efficient and improves efficiency and reduces cost.

This IoT company experience helps it make better, faster, and more informed decisions by accelerating the analysis of collected data. These engineers are able to keep a reasonable price of development by properly they do quality and compliance tests repeatedly according to an MNC standard. These IoT platforms and IoT devices make more efficient decisions using secure data, analytics, and cloud capabilities.

Their Watson IoT platform is a cloud-hosted, fully managed service that performs device registration, connectivity, control, data storage, and visualization.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a popular internet of things company in India they have branches in the USA and UAE. They offer Ai development, Ai solutions, AR/VR solutions, and blockchain development. This company has worked with many clients worldwide.


Its Indias one of the most renowned IoT company and a part of TATA industry. Its place as a valuable IT services brands globally. The company provides services like mobile apps, IoT, Blockchain, Enterprise Apps, Cloud Solutions, Automation & AI, & many more. It was established in 1968 and now runs in 149 locations across 46 nations.