Variable Message Sign & LED Billboard and LED Wall

A variable message sign is a critical element of Intelligent Traffic Management Systems.

Variable Message Sign, LED Billboard & LED Wall

In order to keep people safe on highways from fatigue caused by boredom or convey the message of your brand through the message sign board, let us be your “one-stop solution” for your every need regarding the LED walls, LED billboards, and Variable message signs.

All of these LED solutions can show bright blinking custom text on a simple dark screen without any distractions, or you can choose an LED billboard to spread your brand message to the crowd with bright, high-quality images that make your ad and brand image look amazing, Check out the ideas we have for you to spread your message.

VMS were developed for displaying valuable messages for everyone, set speed limitations, and manage traffic in all directions. These facilitate fewer traffic jams on city streets and highways. Our VMS signs provide information about locations, incidents, and weather.

Variable Message Sign

Here Are The Features Of LED Solutions From Kotai

Solar Power Option

We offer all 3 types of power source options AC power connection, solar power, and battery power for maximum usability


We know your solutions will need to be out in the sun and in the rain and withstand harsh conditions, so we built them to be capable of enduring all of them.


Can be installed easily beside highways, on the roadside, horizontally, vertically, or however you want, and our solution will work just amazingly.

Can Be Used During a Blackout

while being used for a long time in a scattered area where power cut is more common it has to be able to work during power-cut so we have made it capable of working during long blackouts.

Low Maintenance

Technologies like this have to be rugged but no gadget can be without breakdown. When it goes out of service it has to be easy to fix and cheaper to fix Kotai offers all of the benefits.

Intelligently Bright

The bright text of all of these can be completely customized and also comes with adaptable brightness All of them together offer greater usability

Brands That Trust Us

Our Various LED Solutions

Variable Message Sign

Variable Message Sign, or VMS, shows a blinking text of bright LEDs on a huge black screen. It can show some warning, like a closed road or accident-prone zone, or something more common, like making people remember to wear seatbelts or helmets. The message can be changed as required easily, and it is a great way to spread messages and manage highway traffic.

It uses the blank black screen to avoid unnecessary distractions and help drivers keep their full attention on the road.

Led Billboard
Led Wall

LED Billboard

Kotai Electronics has years of experience building LED Billboards for B2B and consumer goods manufacturers that offer high visual quality and durability that attract people’s attention even in the busiest places.

Digital-led billboards are the new and more attractive way of advertising today. In the current generation, when the attention span of people is getting shorter, LED billboards provide a great way to communicate with your customers and convey your brand message in a much more sophisticated manner.

LED Wall

Nothing can be more amazing than a complete wall filled with dense LEDs broadcasting your preferred visual content that can be seen from far away. We here at Kotai Electronics offer densities as high as 0.6 mm. Along with LED, we also offer an HRD option.

We possess high-level industry skills for making your LED wall clearly visible from every distance. LED walls from us can be customized to hang up on the outside as well, and they would still work amazingly under the bright sun and harsh weather.

Use Cases

Traffic Congestion

Traffic Congestion

Time to reach a location

Time to reach a location

Tourist places

Tourist places

Traffic warnings

Traffic diversion

Weather information

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Frequently asked questions

Text and visual changeable messages may be applied to provide more successful traffic control signals on variable message signs (VMS), which are electrical and smart display screens for managing traffic on roads.

enhanced safety, decreasing traffic jams, and increased velocity of traffic are all advantages of variable message signs. VMS can aid in lowering the number of accidents brought by visibility issues, bad weather, and unknown risks by giving drivers current data.

LED pixels are used in LED lights to produce images. Every red or yellow LED in an orange or dark brown-white LED display typically constitutes one pixel. Red, green, and blue LEDs are joined together to create pixels in a color LED display. Since red, green, and blue light of different brightness may be combined to create any color, the accurate color of every pixel is able to be managed by carefully regulating how much light comes coming from every LED.

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