Vehicle Counter Manufacture in India

What is a vehicle counter?

Vehicle counter or Traffic counter or sometimes knows as cor counter, is a automated software and hardware solutions which can be integrated with a existing cctv camera, that are installed in roads and can count number of vehicle passing by, can classify type of vehicles like truck , bus, car, van, cycle, motor cycle etc.

vehicle counter for smart city in India.

What is the necessary of a vehicle counter?

As traffic problem is increasing day by day, to effectively manage traffic on road, you need to understand, what type of vehicle is passing by, which time is peak hours, which vehicle is causing traffic jams on road. This is where traffic counter comes handy, an automated system, which can effectively count, and display, number of vehicles on road, type of vehicles, and generate reports, which can help to take great decision to manage traffic in a better way.

vehicle counter in india

Are you looking for demo of a vehicle or traffic counter system?

What are application are of a vehicle counter?

  • Footfall analytics near your billboard or advertising hoarding
  • Traffic counter can be used Government analysis for traffic management
  • Private hotel gates, to understand brand type of vehicle coming to hotels
  • Subway and Over bridge traffic analytics for maintenance insurance.
  • Toll plaza audit purpose

Where Can I get vehicle counter or traffic counter?

Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is one of leading Machine Learning and automation company from India, who have more than 5 years of experience in traffic engineering using computer vision. Do checkout more about the product here. Thanks for spending time to read this article. Do let us know, in comment section about your thoughts and questions.

Are you interested in more computer vision product?

Kotai Electronics Pvt. Ltd. also deals with variety of computer vision product rather than traffic counter, check out our new product called Retail Store Footfall Analytics, product which uses cctv camera to analyze about your customer coming to the store. Read more about Retail Footfall analytics here

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