Vehicle RC Verification API

You will be guaranteed that consumers on your application have been verified with current information from government databases when you utilize Kotai Electronic’s Vehicle RC verification API. Verify and allow individuals with a validated Vehicle RC card to board.

Vehicle RC Verification  API
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Vehicle RC Verification API

The Vehicle RC Verification API, also called the “RC Number Check API” or the “Vehicle Number Verification API,” is a software application offered through Confirmed approval Technology that enables consumers to access a vehicle’s specific RC number to confirm and access complete data regarding the Registration Certificate (RC).

Kotai Electronics Vehicle RC Verification API is very helpful for a variety of software, including verifying insurance and RC status, vehicle record checks, and a lot more. It is made to streamline the procedure of collecting important data about a vehicle’s license and owner.

Integrate Kotai Electronics vehicle RC verification API with the identity identification and registration procedure to accelerate and streamline the process.

Product Features

Vehicle RC Verification  API

Accurate RC Data Extraction 

Excellent optical character recognition (OCR) technologies are used by the Vehicle RC Verification API to collect important data from remote-controlled vehicles (RCs), such as the owner’s name, serial number, engine number, and license number. This indicates that you have access to current and correct vehicle data for your customers, which is necessary to provide quality service.

Detecting Fraud Using RC Checks

The Vehicle RC Verification API has fraud identification features that enable you to recognize likely fake remote controls. To help you take the necessary steps and stop scammers from using your services, the API looks for strange trends and variations in RC data using an intersection of AI algorithms and professional examinations.

Vehicle RC Verification  API

Smooth Integration of RC Verification API

The Vehicle RC Verification API was developed to effortlessly incorporate into your current registration procedure, regardless of the system you employ—a web-based site, mobile app, or another one. That means that you may smoothly integrate the API into the procedure and begin instantly and simply validating RCs.


Support Multiple Languages

Since the API is several languages, individuals from different parts of the country may utilize it, and businesses are able to confirm RCs from any location in worldwide.

Automated Extraction Data

Companies save money and time by having the API collect details from RCs, reducing the possibility of human mistake.

Detailed Reporting

Companies can find areas for development by using the detailed reports generated by the API, which give them information about their verification methods.

Flexible Workflow

The API is an ideal choice for a range of industries since its processes may be modified to fulfill the special demands of organizations.


The API can be used for companies of any size because it is flexible and capable of handling a great deal of RC verifications.

Implement Vehicle RC Verification API

Easy Use

Kotai Vehicle RC verification API is optimized for the best user experience. It is simple.

Accurate Verification

Our technology ensures RC validity and accuracy by cross-referencing vehicle data with government records.

Stops Frauds

Our API safeguards against identity and vehicle registration certificate fraud by accurately detecting false attempts.

Instantly Confirmation

The data is quickly retrieved and verified, saving you time and effort.

Use Cases

1. Police Departments

2. Logistics & Delivery

3. Financial Organizations

4. Vehicle Rental Companies

5. Insurance Companies

6. Vehicle Dealerships

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