What Are The Top 9 Main Goals Of AI

The main goals of AI were to create technology that allows computers and machines to work intelligently by mimicking human thinking and solving problems. In simpler terms, it was made to make our lives easier. When Ai was first introduced it was a checkers-playing AI capable of playing a full match of checkers. Here the AI system combines large amounts of datasets and processes with algorithms to find patterns and remember them.

When another set of data is introduced it uses the previous one as a reference and it measures its own efficiency and gets better with time. AI works in two steps breaking the problems into subsets and solving them.

While building AI the developers make it capable of performing one or more of these things below they are considered goals of AI in this context.

main goals of AI

There Are 9 Main Goals Of AI

goals of AI for each fields
Knowledge Reasoning

This field or goals of AI is also coupled with the reasoning part. It is used for designing and implementing computer representations that can process information about the world to solve complex problems. It works by automating the reasoning portion of problem-solving. It justifies two factors and relations that can be understood by my computer systems.

Knowledge Reasoning portion on AI can be understood from the places they are used in computer-aided diagnosis for assisting physicians to interpret medical images. It is also used in voice-activated virtual assistants that need to understand the natural language of humans.

Automated Planning and Scheduling

For these goals of AI, it automatically schedules the sequence of actions. All this generation of sequential actions creates strategies that can be executed by an AI system such as unmanned vehicles or autonomous robots. These kinds of actions are mostly used in places where the goals and objectives are constant.

Like while driving an autonomous vehicle running across a warehouse moving one thing from one place to another. This subset of AI helps machines do all these. Here in order to Planning and Scheduling it requires a set of predetermined actions, not one or two. For the times when the first application somehow fails to take bring the desired results from the environment to the second or third comes into action.

Machine Learning

Another main goals of AI is Machine Learning rather a complete application of it. As a field of discipline, it involves the study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a specific task without using explicit instructions effectively. Machine Learning is a completely different approach to computer programming. In short, it includes the development and use of computer algorithms for solving a large set of logical problems. It learns from the results of the problems without directly needing to be programmed to do that specific tasks.

The advantage of Machine Learning is being able to data mining, continuous improvements, and automation of tasks. Better examples of this can be Search Engine Ranking, AI vehicles, and PPC ad AI.

Natural Language Processing

Another goals of Ai is natural language processing or NLP. As its name suggests NLP is built to make computers and overall machines understand human language. Previously we needed some kind of technical knowledge to make AI do something NLP helped bridge the gap.

Here the main goals of AI were to make AI more mass appealing and NLP brought that technological revolution making that possible. The technologies that this technology uses are Siri Assistant of Apple, Alexa, and Google Assistant (They also use Machine learning and Reasoning).

main goals of AI
Computer Vision

For this goals of Al where the focus is on acquiring the visual representation of the real-world environment. It can either use digital images or live videography from a real-time environment from there they convert the visual data that can be understood by machines to make future decisions.

Here the aim of AI is to make a system that can be done by humans like our automatic traffic counter and classifier (ATCC) That can see and classify vehicles and also check redline violations and helmet-less riding. All these things can be done by humans just by looking at them. This is where Computer vision is vastly used. Other places where they are used are research centers and places where facial recognization is needed.

Artificial General Intelligence

It’s the newest field of Ai where it is focused to do human-like tasks capable of doing everything that a capable human being can do. To be called an AGI it needs full fill these goals of AI, being able to perform intellectual tasks that humans can perform. AGI was built to make AI more human. It is equipped with things like cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence. This field of AI is still not completely clear but it is either self-conscious, self-aware, or both. This system is capable of nonstop human interaction with the replication of human behavior.


Robotics is another main goals of AI so quite naturally its also another subset. Note that robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes computer science, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and information engineering.

The applicable fields of AI are the design, construction, and operation of machines or robots that can replicate human actions and replace human tasks with mechanical tasks. Robotics coupled with computer science, information technology, and sensors can work without any outside help from humans.

Social Intelligence

It’s another goal of AI to understand and interpret processes and simulate human behavior and interaction. Under the hood of AI and robotics, it consists of fields like computer science, psychology, and cognition. Here the origins of these things can be traced back to early philosophical inquiries into emotion.


AI might never be capable of being as creative as humans can but it can do this theoretically. It can learn concepts from philosophical and psychological perspectives. Some related areas of computational research include artificial intuition and artificial thinking. It’s one of the most capable goals of Ai.


goals of AI

These are the primary things that developers train AI and expect Ai to do in required situations. These are called the main goal of AI. They help create smart AI systems. Each helps full fill different aspects of AI in order to make human-machine interaction more convenient.