What Devices Are Used In Smart Traffic Management System

Smart Traffic Management System

The number of roads is limited in India as any other place in the world but the population and the number of cars are getting bigger and bigger every month. The number of people responsible for managing the traffic situation on the highway is also inadequate if we take the amount of traffic and accidents each day into account. Some metropolitan cities have turned toward smart traffic management system. Though it quite didn’t exactly manage to take down the number of congested roads it did certainly make it more easily manageable and also increased the amount of collected revenue from taxes on the roads.

smart traffic management system made tax collection more efficient and easy but in order to reap all the benefits of it and make your intelligent traffic management solution most effective, you must place each and every device of it correctly and in the correct place. Unfortunately due to cost-cutting in excess amount some of the devices of the system get canceled which causes the whole system to run with problems and face difficulty providing optimum performance. Here is a guide of the devices you need in order to build the traffic management system.

Signs In Smart Traffic Management System

radar speed sign for smart traffic management system
sign for intelligent traffic management system

There are different kinds of signs based on their functionality in smart traffic management systems. In order to manage traffic effectively. There are signs to show warning signs for over speeding or shows if schools are ahead or even if animals of on the road suddenly almost everything has a sign on the road.

Warning Signs: These signs are attached in the middle of metal poles in a smart traffic management system showing signs of caution to drivers to bring back the attention of the drivers on the road. The shape of the boards varies from square to diamond. Traditionally it was made using black legend or symbol, or both, and a black border on a yellow background. Now, we have a dynamic option where it shows different text depending on different situations. Such as slippery road

Regulatory Signs: A Radar speed sign is a good example of a regulatory sign in the smart traffic management system. They advise drivers about traffic laws or regulations. These signs. These are rectangular in size and are coupled with two flashers. They make people remember about different things and showing the speed and warning for over speeding is one of it.

Hazard Signs: In a smart traffic management system, these signs are mostly dynamic and are used to alert about sudden changes in the flow or direction of traffic. They are often used to alert us about all the sudden hazards that happen all out of nowhere on the road like accidents or avalanches in mountains. There are 4 types of Hazard signs.

  1. Uni-directional Hazard Marker: Used to guide traffic in the direction indicated by the chevrons.
  2. Bi-directional Hazard Marker: Used to direct drivers on either side of an obstruction, such as an island
  3. Width Marker: Used to mark either side of a vertical obstruction, such as a bridge; and
  4. Obstruction Marker: Used to define obstructions above the road, such as road closures. 

Message Sign: These are big black screens with bright colored led that show customized text to the drivers to bring their attention back on the road. They are even sometimes can be customized to show advertisements it making a smart traffic management system to pay for itself and gather even more revenue.

Cameras in Smart Intelligent Traffic Management System

Smart Traffic Management from kotai

ANPR: ANPR stands for Automatic Number plate Recognizer it consists of a module in a box and a high-power camera. It works day and night to read the number plates in the smart traffic management system. If any driver breaks any rules it can recognize the number plate of the and finds out the owner’s contact number from the database and send an e-Challen to them.

ATCC: Automatic Traffic Counter And Classifier is used in toll plazas to check the numbers of vehicles and check the type of vehicle and help you count how much toll tax should have been collected for the amount of traffic that has passed by. It can help authorities collect the correct amount of revenue without needing to worry about fairness and the real amount of vehicles past through the place. It’s an amazing technology to properly collect the toll tax.


Axle Weight Pad: At the beginning of the roads or at the starting of flyovers where the weight of vehicles matters a lot and there is a possibility of vehicles exceeding the weight limit on that place and damaging it axle weight pad is placed there to measure the weight of the vehicle to decide whether to let that vehicle on the road or not.

Wrapping It up

Here are the most essential devices in order to maximize the efficiency of your smart traffic management system. We have ensured only to keep the essential equipment for making your smart traffic management system operate amazingly at an affordable price. If you need to build a highway management system you can have a free consultation from us.