Automatic Traffic Counter Buy In India

What is ATCC?

In the 21st century, we are trying to build everything in a smart way. Indian Government has taken propaganda to build smart cities. ATCC (Automated traffic counter and classifier) is one of the greatest examples of the implementation of science & technology in a smart way. This tutorial will give an idea about what is atcc all about.

What is ATCC (Automatic Traffic counter and classifier)?

You can a little bit assume the meaning of ATCC from the name (Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier). Don’t worry! By this document/blog, you will get a clear vision of What is ATCC. ATCC is a software by which we can count vehicles and classify that vehicle without using Manpower. Mostly used for road construction department to survey the road before road project start. ATCC has been developed by using Computer Vision, AI & ML. 

How ATCC works?

CCTV  -> POE -> NVR -> SYSTEM -> Report will be generated by ATCC Software.

What is Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier
(Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier)

It generally takes 10 to 15 min to install on ATCC. In your mind, you are thinking, how will I get ATCC software?? Don’t worry! We are here to provide you end to end solution for ATCC at your doorstep. You will get a high configured integrated system at your doorstep that will contain ATCC software. Also according to your requirement, we can provide also NVR and IP camera, POE. Just connect POE with IP camera and NVR and installed where you want to collect data. After recording the video of traffic, just extract it from NVR and put it in your system. Then just open your terminal from the system and type atcc and press Enter, after that, the software will be run and you have to set up your project (input date, project name, name of the road, and direction of traffic) and upload your video. After processing the video, the report will be generated automatically in excel format. ATCC Excel report will contain project name, date, and direction of traffic and up/down counting of vehicles of 16 categories with respect of time interval. If you will face any problem, we are here to provide you 24 x 7 support.

Benefits of using our ATCC?

  • Cost effective Solution.
  • Reducing Manpower.
  • High accuracy level of more than 90%.
  • Easy to set up and run the software.
  • Follows IRC(Indian Road Cogress) rules & regulation.
  • Portable System with software.
  • Restless traffic count and classification.
  • Automatic report will be generated in excel format with 16 classification of vehicles.
  • Report can be customized.

Why will you choose us?

  • End to end 24 X 7 support
  • Low cost and high accuracy
  • Report can be customized and time interval can be changed according to your customization.


So, till now you are thinking about which one will be your profitable, manual counting or ATCC?? Don’t wait. Without using manpower, you will get your ATCC report at your hand without involving your time. We will provide end to end solution of ATCC software.

I hope so far now, you are clear about what is atcc and how does it work.

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