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What is ANPR System?

ANPR Stands for Automatic Number plate Recognition system, which is a video analytics software used for capturing vehicle number plates using CCTV cameras and converting them into text for further analysis purposes using OCR techniques.

Kotai Electronics is a manufacturer and supplier of ANPR Systems in India and also exports ANPR cameras and Software to different countries like India, USA, UAE, UK, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

Kotai Electronics’ automatic number plate recognition system can be connected with any IP Camera, not necessarily only ANPR Camera, and can read the license plate, mostly used for parking management, premises monitoring, and smart city ITMS Projects.

(ANPR Solution Demo on Live Streaming Camera of Busy Indian Road)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Kotai Electronics is an Indian company, who have designed an ANPR system keeping in mind for Indian congested traffic.

We are experts in building and customizing ANPR software specific to a country like Bangladesh, ANPR for UK, or ANPR for the USA.

ANPR Software is also dependent upon many factors like language font, speed of the vehicle, lighting, angle of the camera, the position of the camera, etc.

Why Our ANPR System:

  • Support English, URDU, and Bangla Number plates
  • On-Demand Customization
  • Camera Independent
  • Speed support from 0-120km/hour
  • Can be used for Parking management system
  • Can be used for Smart City Projects
  • Can be customized for any country’s license plate database

Key Features


Our ANPR system can be customized for any country number plate in a very less period of time. you just need to provide a few images of your country license plates.


We can integrate our ANPR to any other existing software like community management system or smart city monitoring and ATMS system for traffic violation detection.


Our ANPR Solution comes with a very small size package, which is portable and can be installed anywhere outside like roads or office gates.


We have been constantly working on the accuracy of the ANPR System for many days, where we have experience in achieving more than 95% accuracy in toll plaza projects.

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